Zehnder ComfoAirQ350 -- do I need ComfoConnect to control it?

The gateway I posted above actually makes it platform independent because it’s using MQTT. All you need to do is configure the gateway, start it, and then using the openhab mqtt connector bind it to your items.
So I don’t see why this should be a binding, when it’s actually broader than that atm.

Hi CarlJ,
I tried your Openhab gateway but always get some errors from converting bytes or from the function .hex().
I use python 3.4 . Can you please give me a hint what I do wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Ok, I found the problem. Replaced all .hex() through codecs.encode/decide(value,‘hex_codec’).
Now it works for me

I’m glad it works now :slight_smile:

Hi engelbar14,
could you share the diff file?
Thank you

Hi Klaudiusz,

here is the file without any waranty.

Fill in your IPs and Pin and it should work with Python 3.4.



hey could you also share with me?
thanks in advance


i think a binding update is required. :rocket:

  • For many years the ComfoAir Q-series is the latest technology. The old series (without Q) is not available for a long time.
  • There is a Smart LAN Gateway (Zehnder ComfoConnect LAN C) for the new series. It supports a very good manufacturer-phone-app and remote support and firmware upgrade of the ventilation from an external installer.
  • Zehnder ComfoAir devices are widespread (probably market leader)
  • There is already an implementation approach: https://github.com/michaelarnauts/comfoconnect/
  • An additional RaspberryPi(https://github.com/ORi0N/comfoconnect_openhab_gw) I think is awkward and who wants additional equipment. And there is a issue that overloads the MQTT.

So my question is: How can we initiate this? How can I help?

Many Thanks


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I’m working on an Openhab2 binding for ComfoConnect (Q-series with LAN-C module).
I will inform you as soon as the binding works.

In the meantime, are there any other possible solutions for the Q-Series than the one listed above?
Please, let me know.

Greetz Bitweasel


Great! :heart_eyes:
I dont know anything else. Have all my information written in the post before.
Let me know if I can test something or help.

That would be great. I’m considering to buy the Q350 with LAN C but downside is connection the ventilation to my domotics system. I will probably choose Niko Home Control (no KNX support)
I have an outstanding question with Zehnder if I can control the unit with the manual inputs but downside is that I won’t receive notifications eg. when the filter is full.

There are openhab 2 binding for Niko Home Control and with Zehnder Q series bindings I hope I can set the fan speed and for example set ‘away’ when I push my ‘all off/away’ button when leaving the home.

@bitweasel really looking forward to the binding. Just ordered my comfoconnect. I can do some test later if you want. Please share the jar as soon as it is stable :slight_smile:

So, I’ve already finished to control my Zehnder Q350 without using MQTT (only with Python).

Now I’m reprogramming my code in Java in order to create a Binding for the Zehnder Q350.

For your interest:


Thanks for all your effort.

Please let us know when you have something we can drop into openHAB2.

Also let us know if there is anything we can do to help test.



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Did anyone check whether the serial protocol still works with the newer comfoair-Q series?
In the documentation I find that the connection to the ComfoConnect-LanC is made with a cable with 4 wires… Could be coincidence?

Kind regards


It’s coincidence. ComfoAir Q have CAN bus. Theoretically it’s possible to communicate with the main unit w/o ComfoConnect LAN C but a lot work will be needed. For example you could look at these projects -

OK, thanks
I’ll consider the options!


Ich wäre dran interessiert das gleiche zu machen. Könntest du mir dabei helfen? Ich hab schon einige Erfahrungen mit OH. Ich hab eine Zehnder Comfoair Q350. Noch kein ComfoConnect LAN C Modul, würde mir diesen aber bestellen falls nötig.

Keep in mind, the units are designed to run at low speeds continuously to improve efficiency, lower noise from the fans, and keep the air quality high. Hope you’ve found a suitable solution!

Is there any news about bindings? I would like to test it.

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Hello, are there any updates on this? I am very interested in a binding for the comfoconnect lan modul!

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