Zehnder ComfoAirQ350 -- do I need ComfoConnect to control it?

(CarlJ) #22

Iā€™m glad it works now :slight_smile:

(Klaudiusz) #23

Hi engelbar14,
could you share the diff file?
Thank you

(Christoph Schlipp) #24

Hi Klaudiusz,

here is the file without any waranty.

Fill in your IPs and Pin and it should work with Python 3.4.



(Shorty707) #25

hey could you also share with me?
thanks in advance

(Andy) #26


i think a binding update is required. :rocket:

  • For many years the ComfoAir Q-series is the latest technology. The old series (without Q) is not available for a long time.
  • There is a Smart LAN Gateway (Zehnder ComfoConnect LAN C) for the new series. It supports a very good manufacturer-phone-app and remote support and firmware upgrade of the ventilation from an external installer.
  • Zehnder ComfoAir devices are widespread (probably market leader)
  • There is already an implementation approach: https://github.com/michaelarnauts/comfoconnect/
  • An additional RaspberryPi(https://github.com/ORi0N/comfoconnect_openhab_gw) I think is awkward and who wants additional equipment. And there is a issue that overloads the MQTT.

So my question is: How can we initiate this? How can I help?

Many Thanks