Zigbee 3.0 Installation Code

Hello everybody,

I have one question related to installation code that should be provided in the ember coordinator to successfully pair Zigbee 3.0 Devices.
According to https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/zigbee/ the format of the installing code is IEEE Address:Install Code, something like that:
also says: ZigBee 3 requires the install code to be 16 bytes long (8 blocks of characters) but some older systems using this method may use less bytes, but it should still be formatted as 2, 4, or 8 groups of 4 values. Note that the last four characters in the install code are the checksum and may be provided separately.

I´m using [HUSBZB-1 ] with ember which should support zigbee 3.0 devices but i´m afraid my problem is related to the installation code… The device itself and it´s box, have two codes (FCC ID and IC). I think the last one is the install code, although I also tested the first one and both combined… Until this point was everythin more or less clear but then I saw the format of the codes and I see no way to get them into the IEEE format from which the guide is talking about…
Information of Codes:
IC: 23777-KPFT.
It is a konke humidity and temperature sensor.
Pictures below:

Has someone already had this issue?

Thank you in advance

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Use HABmin, configure the Thing and let it discover the details. I had id show my HUSBZB-1 online but I have no other Zigbee devices. I used that stick for Z-Wave and now it is my test stick.

What do you mean with configure the thing? The temp & hum sensor and then try to “pair” the created thing with the zigbee device?

By the way, my ember coordinator is already configured and paired with other zigbee devices but not yet with zigbee 3.0…

It is unlikely that you need to worry about an install code. ZB3.0 devices should also work with the standard key so there is no need for the install code unless you are configuring a non-standard TC Link Key?.

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Hello Chris,

I was looking for the TC-Link Key on my Controller Configuration and I found out that the default TC-Link key for my controller was (see picture below):

Is that standard? The other option for this link security key is: Zigbee Alliance 09 which already tried and still no working…

Also happened to me that “changing” this configuration I deleted my Network Security key and I don´t know how to get it back… Am I right, thinking that if this key keep beeing 000000 shouldn´t make a problem with the already paired devices?

It worked! I put the controller on channel 15, set the tc link security key to zigbee alliance and started to search… It found my temperature sensor directly… But the configuration still beeing a problem… first of all I got on the device the status: Node has not completed the discovery… and now still on offline, generic zigbee device… some values came during the joining to me showing me temperature and humidity… now temperature went back to de value NaN and humidity still on 42…

Yes, that is the standard.

You are using the 09 key - that is exactly what you have configured.

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I got it online, giving values… then the devices went offline with no reason. I did a reset of the controller (with zigbee alliance). They went online (my konke sensor and for example a plug zigbee device) but I cannot controll them…
(Also other zigbee devices that did work before).

I find a really strange behaviour related with zigbee…

Wha do you mean “with zigbee alliance”?

If you reset the controller, then you will need to reinitialise all devices - all previous devices joined to the network will not work.

In the Link security key, there is a dropdown menu, if you want to change your key you have to select the Zigbee Alliance (im not sure if it is also necessary to reset the controller to implement those changes).

Starting the discovery with this new key and as I rode in other post, also IMPORTANT with the channel 15 set!!
It worked!!! I automatically got my 3 Konke devices working (1 multifunction button, 1 temp&hum sensor and 1 door sensor)…

*Important: My procedure to discover the zigbee sensors was: start zigbee scan (oh2) -> Press the reset button until the light start to blink (device) -> Just let time to the device to initialize itself (dont touch anything in oh or device, just wait!!!).

Thank you commmunity, I hope it helps.

This key is the standard. If you didn’t change it (and you should never change this unless you know what it does!) then the binding will always use this. You were using it in the past, and it is still used.

Again, this is the same key you told me the other day you were using, so there was no change.

The only key that should ever be changed, unless you really know what you are doing is the network key.

Because I “didn´t know what I was doing” I reseted my controller and It gave me automatically a new key which is not the same key that I was using (i´m agree that uses the same standard) but is NOT the same key (maybe this has no influence because still beeing a standard key).

I didn´t change it. But let me say that the thing that MUST be changed is the channel… I already rode your answer in other similar post, saying that changing the channel “make no sense” because a Zigbee 3.0 Device should search in all the channels… So I think in this case is not like that, and the device comes with the Zigbee Alliance Certification… can you explain that?

Thanks for your answers Chris!
Have a nice day

This isn’t really possible. The binding will always use the standard link key unless you manually change it. This is because this is the key used by nearly all devices for joining - the binding will not change it, and the controller does not give out the keys.

Ok, then I’m not sure - it looks the same in the image you provided earlier -:

This IS the standard key that you quoted in your earlier email - this is the ZigBeeAlliance09 key - just in hex, which is what the binding will set in the coordinator.

Maybe you are talking about something else - I’m not sure any more, but this key is ok.

This is not normally the case - maybe in your house channel 11 is busy, but normally it should be fine.

ZigBee devices WILL scan all channels (channels 11 to 24 which are the 2.4GHz band channels) - this is defined in the ZB3.0 BDB definition.

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You are right Chris… my Problem was that after restart, the key kept the value “Zigbee Alliance”, and just after some time, it started to display it in hex and as you said… It is the SAME!.. so first of all sorry for the confusion, you think I sould delete the entry where I afirm that the key is new?

About that… I dont think for everybody which uses the konke sensor has the channel 11 busy in his installation… I just had a led strip and a switch connected before… Could be possible that the konke devices doesn´t fill at all the requirements of zigbee 3.0?

I actually got my 3 konke zigbee devices working but for the future, im curious about following:

Where can I find more info about that?
Thank you community!

So you mean that no-one can use channel 11 - I assumed it was just you as I’ve not seen other reports. Channel 11 is the standard default channel and one of the preferred channels.

ZigBee security is quite complex. I don’t really have any references other than to do a search online - documents I use I cannot share - sorry.

About that:[SOLVED] Konke Multi-Function button

Okay thank you very much and I will search it!