ZIgbee Binding : Problems getting ECO-DIM Zigbee 3 dimmer(s) to work


I have recently bought severall ecodim zigbee 3.0 (led) dimmers (ECO-DIM.07 Led dimmer Zigbee Pro druk/draai 0-200W - EcoDim) and i can’t get them to play nice with the Zigbee binding.

Im running the latest stable version of OH 2 and the binding is running on 2.5.12
When running a discovery the dimmer(s) are found and identified as:


0C4314FFFE236A25: ZigBee node property discovery complete: {zigbee_logicaltype=ROUTER, zigbee_powerlevel=FULL, zigbee_manufacturercode=0x126a, modelId=EcoDim-Zigbee 3.0, zigbee_networkaddress=65330, zigbee_powersource=MAINS, zigbee_stkversion=6, zigbee_datecode=20210228, zigbee_zclversion=3, vendor=EcoDim BV, zigbee_powermode=RECEIVER_ON_IDLE, zigbee_powersources=[MAINS], hardwareVersion=1, firmwareVersion=0x03096530, zigbee_applicationVersion=3}


The dimmer state eventually returns as ONLINE and everything seems well. Yet as soon as a command is send to the dimmer the devices goes offline. According to the debug logs it times out.

I have tried paring the device using the Installcode on the back of the device yet this seems to make no difference. As mentioned in another topic (Zigbee 3.0 Installation Code) the install code should make no difference and the default code should suffce.

My questions:

  • The device seems to be properly discoved (vendor etc). Does this mean the device is supported by the binding.
  • If the specific install code is required but not present during the pairing process. Would the device stll pair but not work (and not respond to commands like im having) or not pair at all?
  • If using the Install code from a things file. What would be the proper syntax? : (eg : zigbee_linkkey=“INSTALLCODE:77A133C3C3A1222FC3C3A1E6”)

Ive included a small portion of the logs.
ecodim_log.txt (7.1 KB)
Any help is very much appreciated!!

It’s unclear what coordinator you’re using and what version etc. The installcode is only supported on Ember, and Zigbee 3 is only supported on newer firmware.

That’s not the way the binding works. The binding detects features of the device - not the device itself. So if channels are provided, and they clearly are, then it should work.

You can’t do this - you need to use the UI.

Please read the binding docs as it describes how to enable logging for debugging. Currently there is insufficient information here to tell what is happening.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply. In using a Bitron zigbee stick which presents itself as Ember35X. The firmware indicated by OH is

I wasn’t able to insert the installcode via UI because editing the thing (created by thing file) throws a http error (403 I believe)

The log I generated was with the binding set to debug. I will try to create the coordinator via UI and try the install code before pairing again.

This firmware is very old now and doesn’t support Zigbee 3.0 devices unfortunately. You need to find some newer firmware (6.4 or higher is required).

This normally doesn’t provide enough logging though as it doesn’t log any of the zigbee traffic and is or very limited use for debugging - sorry.

I think getting newer firmware for this coordinator is a hard task. Some threads on github but nothing hopefull.

I’ll try getting a different coordinator and try again. Thank you for your insights!