ZigBee and ZigBee2MQTT bindings not listed in OH3

I am running OH3 release in Docker on a RPi4. Neither the ZigBee nor ZigBee2MQTT bindings are listed as options under “Add binding add-ons.” Is there an update listing of OH3 bindings?

There never was a zigbee2mqtt binding. To interface with zigbee2mqtt you need to use the MQTT binding.

The native Zigbee binding is definitely there for OH3.

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I know that ZigBee is supposed to be there and is was with OH2, but it is not appearing on my bindings list. I will re-build my docker file and see if it appears.

I rebuilt my OH3 container, and it still does not show ZigBee. Is there a directory that I can check for a link to the binding or its install instructions and verify that the entry exists?

I also check using the API interface, and ZigBee is not in the list.

You can get things and channels from Zigbee2mqtt when you have defined a mqtt broker and have set the appropriate flags in the Zigbee2mqtt config. I have not found that particularly helpful but it does work

Zigbee is listed as “OpenHAB Zigbee”

With a screenshot, can you show us where it does not show Zigbee/where you expect it to show Zigbee? Just to make sure that we’re all on the same page…

Sorry for the delay. Here is the problem, the ZigBee binding is not listed nor available via the RUST interface:

I have just checked in my instance and if a binding for example mqtt is already installed it does not figure in the list of bindings any more. So make sure you have not already installed mqtt and our openhab zigbee binding.
Then probably we need some of the big guns on deck to say where you can check to see if files are placed and so on

Here is the list of bindings that I am using. I am concerned about the ZigBee binding. MQTT is a separate issue that I can address. Thanks for your help.

Agreed they are not installed, but from the print screen in the second to last you are not showing “o” as in “openhab zigbee binding” nor can I see “m” as in “mqtt binding”

I think you missed seeing @Tobi77’s reply above.

When I search for “zigbee”, I get:


Boy! Do I feel dumb and embarassed! Sorry for all the grief that I caused.

No worries, it happens. :wink:

Hello, I have problem finding a big part of bindings in 2022, a mount back I migrate from 2.5 oh 3.2.0.
After some time one list changed to 4 category (I think after update of market ) and now I can’t find zegbee binding many other, suggest me please
Install it manually or wait it in the market?

The zigbee binding is in the OH binding selection:

What do you mean you cannot find it?

I have installed OH3 on PC (windows 7) and my screens:

and list of bindings is poor,


my installed bindings

So, what is your issue ?
Don‘t you like it or what ?