ZigBee Binding: Aqara Magic Cube / Wall Switch can be paired but have no channels (CC2531)

I just received 2 further Aqara sensors that I can’t seem to get to work with my setup.

My setup
I have openHAB 2.4-SNAPSHOT running on an RPI3 (openHABian). I’m using the ZigBee binding by Chris Jackson with a CC2531 that I flashed with CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_LinkKeyJoin.hex from Z-Stack 1.2.2a.44539.

Currently this setup works well with some Aqara Door/Window Sensors, a RGBW LED controller by GLEDOPTO and several TRADFRI bulbs. However those 2 new sensors won’t work:

  • Aqara Magic Cube
  • Aqara Wall Switch (Double)

Although after some struggles I could pair them with the CC2531 they will only report as lumi.sensor_cube and lumi.remote.b286acn01 and don’t have any channels that I could use.

Am I doing something wrong or are these just not supported (yet)? Let me know if I should provide some logs or what I could to help debug this issue.

Thanks in advance

Hi Andreas,

I do use the Qivicon ZigBee Stick and was able to connect these two devices you mentioned. They show as online in PaperUI but I do also not get any channel to use them. Would be nice to control my lights by this little Cube and Wall Switch. For my devices it is the same model ID as you mentioned above.

Think they are not supported yet by ZigBee Binding. Would be nice to see in the future!