Zigbee binding

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(Chris Jackson) #904

As I said on Github, please confirm that you are using the latest snapshot of the binding? The binding was modified to add this channel and should be in the latest snapshot I believe.

(Arno) #905

My sensors won’t even pair any more. So I didn’t solve it.

(Hesham Mohamed) #906


thank for the fast reply

I am pretty new to openhab, i am using openhabian “Openhab2” i just installed it last week and i did update and upgrade system from “openhabian-config” so i believe i have the latest version.

or there is another thing that should be done ?

(Chris Jackson) #907

Well, there are two versions you can install. If you installed the 2.2 release version, then it will not contain this change. If you are on the snapshot branch, then this branch will include all the changes that are regularly merged and this is built nightly.

So, the question really is if you installed the stable or snapshot version?

(Hesham Mohamed) #908

sorry but how can i make sure which one did i use

(Chris Jackson) #909

Are you using OH 2.2 or 2.3? If it’s 2.2, then it’s the release version, if it’s 2.3, then it will be the snapshot version.

(Hesham Mohamed) #910

i think i am using the 2.2 how can i get 2.3 then ?

(Chris Jackson) #911

Take a look in the documentation - there is a section there on installation, and it refers to the different versions.

(Hesham Mohamed) #912

Now it’s working thank you :slight_smile:

(Ole Kristian Lona) #913

Hello! I have two questions :slight_smile:

First, my girlfriend likes to think she is in control, so I need trådfri remotes working. Is anybody using them, and can confirm they are working? Would they work on the stable 2.2 version of this bundle, or would I need to be more daring, and go for a development version?

As I have had issues with Raspberries losing network connection, or hanging, would it be possible to use two CC2531 sticks in two different raspberries for HA in some way? -Or would they just become confused because both would want to be master?

(Chris Jackson) #914

I have the Tradfri remote (well, one of the types!) so will try and check this soon.

No - a network can only have a single coordinator so this simply won’t work.

(Ole Kristian Lona) #915

Thanks a lot for incredibly quick response!

-And for your great work, Chris! We really appreciate your work here!

(Scott Rushworth) #916

@chris, I’m not sure where the other issues got to, but I opened one here. Discovery fails after the latest ESH changes.

Discovery Failed for Zigbee Binding
(Chris Jackson) #917

Didn’t I read that a recompile should fix that issue?

Unfortunately I’m not in a position to do much with the binding until the current changes get agreed and merged as the whole workspace has now changed and it’s a major pfaff to delete everything and reinstall the workspace. :frowning:

(Scott Rushworth) #918

I believe that is what I read too. This can be a warning then to others to not update to an OH snapshot >=1231, until the dongles are split out. Dang… I was hoping to test transition time too!

(Chris Jackson) #919

But if a recompile fixes it, then just using a newer ZigBee snapshot should be all that’s needed right? Or am I missing something - I’ve not followed that too closely as I’ve been busy with getting other things running…

(Scott Rushworth) #920

Sigh… I was thinking zwave… the next zigbee build should fix this

(Roshan Milinda) #921

Hi @chris and Guys,

I have been trying to get a CC2531 up and running in OH2 for a while with no luck. I have tried CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_Standard.hex and few other. Can you please have a look and let me know what I am doing wrong. Please see the attached(had to change the file extention to upload).

log.xml (76.5 KB)

(Chris Jackson) #922

The log looks ok, but no devices are joining the network. There’s really no indication why - this level of functionality is hidden from the binding as it’s down at the 802.15.4 layer.

My recommendation is to put the binding into join mode, then reset the device that you want to join.

(Scott Rushworth) #923

The zigbee binding has been rebuilt, but would the zsmartsystems library also need to be rebuilt to correct this?