Zigbee Dongle - Compatible

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I’m looking at buying this dongle: http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?qs=HKtb%2bt0PK3DGpXkwugUisQ%3D%3D&utm_source=eciaauthorized&utm_medium=aggregator&utm_campaign=888-XU-Z11&utm_term=XU-Z11&utm_content=Digi%20International

Plan is to put it into my RPi running OpenHAB. I’ve found that the zigbee lights are just much more cost effective compared to Z Wave so if this is possible it’d be great.

Thanks in advance.

As far as I know, support for ZigBee is planned with OpenHAB 2.0 stable release.
I found a github branch from cdjackson with zigbee binding - didn’t test it though.

See this blog post for more details about XBee and ZigBee.

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The OH2 ZigBee binding works with the TI2531 dongle. Hopefully we’ll support more dongles at some stage, but since every manufacturer uses a different API, it’s a significant amount of work to add new dongles. This is where ZWave really made a good move with a standard API for every dongle that is available.

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That would be this one: http://www.ti.com/tool/cc2531emk ?

Thanks to both of you. I have found the Zigbee lights for as little as $15/each - compared to $40+ for ZWave…

So I should be able to get that dongle and lights such as these: http://www.homedepot.com/p/GE-Link-60W-Equivalent-Soft-White-2700K-A19-Connected-Home-LED-Light-Bulb-PSB19-SW27/205404345

Thanks again

Hi chris,

For the compatitable zigbee binding, as chris mention, TI2531 works with it.

I have some questions for compatible dongles.
1 In addtion, am I correct to say that any product use this cc2531 chipset should works with zigbee binding?
Or only CC2531 USB Evaluation Module Kit as below works with zigbee binding?
In simple, zigbee binding work with cc2531 chipset or cc2531 eval board only?

2 As you say, different sticker from different manufacturer use different serial API to communicate with PC, but even from TI, there are also other zigbee chipset like cc2538, cc2592.
Does zigbee binding works with other zigbee chipsets for USB dongle from TI?
In simple, zigbee binding work with TI zigbee dongle chipset or cc2531 chipset only?

3 Also somewhere in forum, I know that programmable firmware on
is NOT suitable for zigbee binding. So another hex file as firmware is needed to be programmed onto cc2531 to work with zigbee binding.
Am I correct to say serial API that cc2531 use is NOT depend on the programmable firmware? Meaning, No matter which firmware I program onto cc2531 chipset, the serial API that cc2531 is the same.
In simple, does programmable firmware matter to work with zigbee binding?

Hopefully I ask the question in a right way.
Thank you very much.

You will need to program the correct firmware from the TI site.


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response.

Actually in the question, more I am trying to ask is whether the serial API is supported by firmware?

As by my understanding from forum and mostly your post, zigbee dongle has 2 side. 1 side with PC, 1 side with zigbee device, like hue blub.
For dongle, the communication with zigbee device side is the same, the difference is on the communication with PC. So we say, different dongle manufacturer has different serial API with PC.
**Here comes my question, **
does this serial API hardcoded in chipset by hardware? Or
this serial API is supported by the firmware we are supposed to use?

If it is supported by firmware, I think it should NOT be too much work for TI to port onto their other zigbee dongle chipset. Do you agree with me on this?

Thank you very much.

Sorry - I’m not sure I understand this. What serial API? As far as I know, there isn’t a standard serial API for Zigbee - unlike ZWave.


It is typically in the firmware of the stick.

I don’t know- I would imagine it’s a reasonable amount of work, but it depends on how the hardware abstraction is done. I’m not really sure what you’re suggesting though…

Hi chris, thank you.

Here is my concern, thank you.

Sorry - this may NOT be a appropriate question. Previously, I thought some zigbee chipset from TI is similar to cc2531. But it seems only cc2531 is for USB dongle with zigbee.

Hi chris,

1 Would you mind share the link for the firmware OR
provide some clue how to find the link for the firmware?
2 Is the firmware under cc2531 chipset
OR cc2541 evaluate boarsd?

Thank you.

http://www.ti.com/tool/z-stack. I note that this is now updated for V3 and I’ve not tested this. Personally I’m not a fan of the TI chip as I’ve had problems with them and will look to introduce new stick.

The 2541 is Bluetooth. The 2531 EMK is the hardware that you can use.

Thank you very much for your link and pointint out 2531 EMK.:slight_smile:

Not sure whether this is the appropriate question to ask here.

As we know, now the zigebee binding works with TI2531 dongle which is also a evaluation board for the cc2531 chipset.

However, for this TI2531 evaluation dongle, the original firmware is NOT what we need. we need to program another firmware from TI website.

However, except this TI2531 evaluation board dongle, is that any other commercial product, like a usb dongle, which also use this TI2531 chipset?

Thank you.

Hi chris, I guess you got the cc2531 dongle firmware in this page.
Would you mind share by which link you download? Thank you.

You need to download the stack, and load the file CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_Standard.hex (hopefully the latest version still has the same filename).

Of course you also need to buy a programmer to do this…

What kind of programmer do you need? To bad there isn’t a dongle that just works out of the box…

@chris how is the work going on zigbee i guess its not done as its not listed on http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings.html
Are you still using the cc2531 or have you found a better stick?

I’m still using the 2531 for now, but support is also being added for the EM3588 (partly done).

The binding is being revamped - I hope to have a basic version done in the coming days - probably just supporting lights for now (tested against the Hue bulb) so we can get something included into the system. Other clusters can be added reasonably easily…

any chance that the
Telegesis ETRX357

will be added? These are the low cost Zigbee Sticks we can get here labeled as part of Qivicon Smart Home (which is Kais employeers solution of eclipse smart home)

Yeah - I have one, with the initial intention of supporting them, but I’m a bit unclear about their firmware at the moment.

Currently I’m adding support for the ETRX35x through the EZSP API - the Telegesis dongles can (I think!) be reprogrammed to use this (although it might need a programmer - I’m not sure about this at the moment).