Zigbee2mqtt revisited: No more ugly transformations

Hi Andre, thnx for the time your spending on this.
Here is a Screenshot from the device:

I also changed the MQTT output type.

I made 2 other channels with this bulb and everything is working correct:

And i made a String item:

The result shown is the payload:


The only thing i can think of is the .js Scripts. I checked them 10 times and they are just as yours are.
The example you give in the zigbeeColorIN.js :

example input: {"brightness":50,"color":{"hue":359,"saturation":100,"x":0.6942,"y":0.2963},"color_mode":"xy","color_temp":158}

differs from the text i read in Licht Büro Text, thats the only difference i see.
I Have the Java Script, Regex and Json Path transformation installed.

The Channel:

  • id: MQQTTZ2MColorCh1Test
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:color
    label: LEDKochinselXY
    description: null
    commandTopic: zigbee2mqtt/0x0017880106788d39/set
    colorMode: XYY
    transformationPatternOut: JS:zigbeeColorOUT.js
    formatBeforePublish: “%”
    stateTopic: zigbee2mqtt/0x0017880106788d39
    transformationPattern: JS:zigbeeColorIN.js

I created an item with no profile:

Anything i missed ? I am going crazy :slight_smile:

MUHAHAHAHA I got it working :slight_smile:

Well at least i can control the color etc. from the Thing/item in the UI.
I still have to try to get it going in the Openhab UI. But that is another adventure.

After cleaning up all the Channels and items i have tried with and adding the “attribute and json” Output type it works.
I will test if it really works with the “attribute and json” option or if i just messed up everything, even with checking 100 times there must be something that was still wrong.
At the end i learned a lot.

Thank you Andre for helping me out here and spending your time on my issue.!! Big Thank You!!!
If you ever happen to be near Frankfurt/Germany give me a buzz and i will pay you a coffee or beer.
If my investigation turns out that i really missed something even though i checked many times, it will be more than 1 beer :slight_smile:

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Sure - your welcome. I just spotted the missing “{” at your example input. But glad you could figure this out :clap:t3:

And if I in that region in the near future I may be getting back to you :slight_smile:

Also, there are some pre made widgets for color and stuff. Just search for it - should also be fairly easy to implement :+1:


I recently bought a GIDEALED ZC05M RGBW LED strip and use it with Z2M (in attribute output mode). After reading this thread, I managed to send HSB values through openHAB (via the colorpicker) to Z2M. This works so far. However, I can’t get openHAB to receive external state updates originating e.g. from the Z2M Web UI. The strip changes colors, but the openHAB HSB color item still keeps the value set via openHAB. Here’s the relevant config:


Thing mqtt:topic:LightbandStairs "Lichtband Treppe" (mqtt:broker:mosquitto) @ "Treppe" {
    Type number   : hue         [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/color-hue", commandTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/set/color-hue", min=0, max=360 ]
    Type dimmer   : saturation  [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/color-saturation", commandTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/set/color-saturation", min=0, max=100 ]
    Type number   : brightness  [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/brightness", commandTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/set/brightness", min=0, max=254 ]
    Type color    : color_hsb   [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/color-hsb", commandTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/set", formatBeforePublish="{\"color\":{\"hue\":%s,\"saturation\":%s},\"brightness\":%s}", onBrightness=50 ]
    Type dimmer   : color_temp  [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/color_temp", commandTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/set/color_temp", min=153, max=500 ]
    Type switch   : state       [ stateTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/state", commandTopic="zigbee2mqtt/Lightband_Stairs/set/state" ]


Number LightbandStairsHue        "Licht Treppe (Hue)"                              { channel="mqtt:topic:LightbandStairs:hue" }
Dimmer LightbandStairsSaturation "Licht Treppe (Saturation)"                       { channel="mqtt:topic:LightbandStairs:saturation" }
Number LightbandStairsBrightness "Licht Treppe (Brightness)"                       { channel="mqtt:topic:LightbandStairs:brightness" }
Switch LightbandStairs           "Licht Treppe [MAP(de.map):%s]"                   { channel="mqtt:topic:LightbandStairs:state" }
Dimmer LightbandStairsColorTemp  "Licht Treppe Farbtemperatur [%s]"                { channel="mqtt:topic:LightbandStairs:color_temp" }
Color  LightbandStairsColorHSB   "Licht Treppe Farbe (HSB) [%s]"                   { channel="mqtt:topic:LightbandStairs:color_hsb" }

Strip state example from (Z2M Web UI):

  "brightness": 100,
  "color": {
      "hue": 359,
      "saturation": 100,
      "x": 0.6942,
      "y": 0.2963
  "color_mode": "xy",
  "color_temp": 158,
  "color_temp_startup": 65535,
  "last_seen": "2023-01-24T16:19:34+01:00",
  "linkquality": 29,
  "power_on_behavior": "off",
  "state": "OFF"

As I said, sending HSB color updates through MQTT works. However, I have to use the above formatBeforePublish. If I use the proposed/default {“color”: “hsb”: “%s,%s,%s”}, the brightness won’t be updated. As a fix for the “openHAB doesn’t get external changes” problem, I introduced a rule to sync hue, saturation and brightness to the openHAB HSB color item, if the three attributes are changed externally, because these (attribute) changes are picked up by openHAB:

rule "Compensate for broken MQTT color state topic updates"
  Item LightbandStairsHue changed or
  Item LightbandStairsSaturation changed or
  Item LightbandStairsBrightness changed
  LightbandStairsColorHSB.postUpdate(LightbandStairsHue.state + "," + LightbandStairsSaturation.state + "," + LightbandStairsBrightness.state)

Now, I can change colors using openHAB, Z2M or MQTT and everyone is happy - i.e. the states in sync. But is there a way to get rid of the rule fix? I’d even go the “output attribute_and_json route”, if the solution is more elegant. For example, I don’t know if the stateTopic for color_hsb is right. No matter what I’ve tried so far (no postfix, color, color-hsb), nothing changes. Maybe there’s some magic hidden somewhere that I’m not aware of?

IIUC, there are two problems:

  1. Setting brightness doesn’t work. Try {"color":{"hsb":"360,100,100"}} instead of {"color":{"hue":360,"saturation":100},"brightness":100}
  2. openHAB gets out of sync. Use a transformationPattern to transform the state message from Zigbee2MQTT into H,S,B, see Zigbee2mqtt revisited: No more ugly transformations - #201 by AndreHimSelf .
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Thanks for the hint, @Ap15e! #1 (setting brightness) wasn’t a problem, that already worked. The link in #2, however, did it. I changed Z2M’s output type to “attribute_and_json” and wrote javascript transformations for reading and writing hsb color values. Now I don’t need to manually sync hue, saturation and brightness with the HSB color.

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