ZME_UZB1 Zwave controller attributes in HABMIN

When viewing in HABMIN the ZWAVE controller attributes (using ZME_UZB1) I see empty attributes fields.
Do you see it as well or maybe I have a very old firmware in the UZB which is not supported by OH binding?
My ZWAVE network is working ok.
See HABMIN result:

What does it look like in the PaperUI?

Where can I find this info in PaperUI? Can’t seem to locate it.
In case someone has the same dongle, what do you see in HABMIN in this field?

@chris can correct me if I’m wrong but I suspect that attributes field is mainly for devices, not controllers.
Here is my HUSBZB-1 controller in HABmin

In the PaperUI, navigate to Configuration -> Things -> <Z-Wave device> Click Show Properties. For devices it shows more complete information.


Z-Wave light bulb:

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This is correct!

See also this topic!

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