Zwave 2 Binding - textual channel config

Hi all,
I’m struggeling a bit with the textual configuration of channels in item-file. The channels do work fine, but for my rollershutter I need to invert the direction. This is possible via PaperUI or habmin, but I have not found any clue how to configure this in textual config.
I stepped through the Java source, where I found the parser for channel config for zwave. From the Thing source I also do know the exact config parameter. I need to set config_invert to true.
But how? My item channel config is in the form

{ channel="zwave:device:bs7:node26:blinds_control" }

I’ve already tried to add the config in various ways. Neither worked.
Perhaps anyone has a tip… I think textual channel config will work in the same way for any binding. I simply did not find any example.


Small update:
I’ve found the config parameters changed to

              "config_invert_percent": true,
              "config_invert_control": true

But still no clue how to add.

Hi Patrick,
I also struggle a lot with the textual config of zwave things/items/channels.

What I tried was the following:

Number Media_UG_MeterKWh "UG Media Verbrauch kWh [%.3f kWh]" <energy> (gZwave) { channel = "zwave:device:1598f8d5d18:node7:meter_kwh",command="meter,meter_scale=E_KWh,refresh_interval=10" }

At least I get no errors in the console, but I cannot confirm that these parameters have any effect or if everything is done by the channel internally. I copied this item definition from a OH 1.8 system and tried to get the syntax working.

Maybe it helps and would be nice if you can post if it worked for you or not.

Bye Markus