Zwave: CometZ always recognized as StellaZ

I have got a Comet Z Thermostat in OH2 but when I include it to my zwave network it is always recognized as Stella Z Thermostat.
After that I am not able to use it in openhab (items, rules).
How can I include it as the correct device ?

Anybody out there with a working Comet Z Thermostat ?

Same problem here. Have you found out any solution?

Unfortunately no solution on my side. It is an unusable Device for me :sweat:

Any luck so far?
I saw that in bindings the Comet-Z lists as zwave:eurotronic_cometz_00_000 therefore i’d assume the profile itself does already exist.
However the “Thing” i added lists as zwave:device:4672bd41:node2 - called Zwave2 automatically, but showing as an unknown device, showing both

  • The device is not in the database
  • The device initialisation is not complete.

I’ve readded it to the network, but it seems to stick to the following param set, not refreshing the time either …

zwave_class_basic 	ROUTING_SLAVE
zwave_class_generic 	THERMOSTAT
zwave_frequent 	false
zwave_nodeid 	2
zwave_version 	0.0
zwave_listening 	false
zwave_routing 	true
zwave_wakeup_time 	2017-10-31T09:17:33Z
zwave_beaming 	true
zwave_class_specific 	THERMOSTAT_GENERAL_V2

correction - it does seem to refresh the time now …
but it’s still not manageable.

Any suggestions how i can tell the PaperUI to use the existing profile for the device?

If the database is wrongly identifying a device, then it should be corrected (it’s not going to correct itself :wink: ).

The database guide is here.

I don’t seem the have the permission to do changes + fear that i’d mess it up. Would you mind assisting me ?
seems to be the correct device, however assuming that the zwave id i posted is the manufacturer and device id this seems to be the issue

I can update your access if you like (as in the instructions, I’d need to know your username). Or, if you can provide the information I can probably make the changes as it’s probably simple to do, but at the moment I don’t have any information about the devices.

I’ve somehow successfuly enrolled it y just changeing the references field to the one specified in the comment of the other page - last comment is mine and also contains my username :slight_smile:

I’ve updated your access. I guess you will update the ids - remember to remove the id from the other device (ie the same id should not occur in two devices otherwise it will be ambiguous as to what device is selected.

Should i really remove the old IDs? I’d rather copy the entry and create a new one in order not to break other persons setup?

  • some params - e.g. wakeup time seem to be missing, i’m starting to read into it and considering extending the profile

Yes - if you have the same IDs for multiple devices, then the system can not tell the devices apart which will be a mess. Device IDs are unique for a device unless the manufacturer has made a mess in which case we’re in trouble.

I’m not sure what you mean? If the device is already in the database then you don’t need to create a new device. Or do you mean that CometZ is not in the database at all?

This is not in the database - it’s handled directly by the binding since it is standard configuration for this command class. Only configuration and association setup needs to be in the database.

So, I assumed from the title of this message that the CometZ was being recognised as StellaZ, but I can’t see how that is possible given the device codes don’t overlap. I’m a bit confused as to what the situation is - it seems that actually all that was needed is to add the new device code to the existing database entry?

Sorry, i kinda hijacked the topic for getting it running at all assuming that the others who used the hardware before would already have an asnwer :slight_smile:

In ragards to the other issues - should i open another thread or is there any way to reach out to you on IM or IRC?
I’m gettin “Internal Server errror 500” on most saves (e.g. device location, It seems that due to some bug the wakeup interval was set to 604620 seconds, which explains why the device did only react once :slight_smile:

If you have more questions, maybe it’s worth opening a new thread… I see that you removed the current IDs from the database which will need to be restored though.

Continued here - i’d suppose the original issue does not exist any longer as soon as the UUID has been adjusted