ZWave configuration properties on Qubino 3Phase smart meter (ZMNHXD1)

That rendering makes me think limitToOptions is set to true. Otherwise you’d have a text field instead of this.

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Please guys, I don’t want to hijack the OP thread, please discuss his issues, I don’t have any :grinning:

So, should i file a (blocking) Bug for 3.0?

You probably should file a bug but I doubt there is anything like a blocking bug for OH3.

Im report this problem 1 month ago and Im happy that Im not alone with it and hope that it will be fixed… My devices have FW 4.11

I see the UI developer mentions a possible issue with limitToOptions.

Chris just fixed a database / binding issue related to that parameter. Perhaps that will resolve the issue in an upcoming build.

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@lianse did you try release version of OH3? Is this issue fixed?

Did a fresh install of 3.0.0, propblem remains

Note that I only fixed an issue with the database UI - I didn’t change anything with any parameters, so if there’s a problem in the database, it will not have changed.

For me fresh install is not option. It has been fresh install of OH 3 done when it has been M1 and from then it didn’t work. Now Im on M5 and don’t work. If it is fixed on release version I will upgrade if not I will stay on this M5 version until it will be fixed… Reseting and reincluding all zwave devices make me a lot of moving elements(fridge, oven…) to access to devices and will not do it… :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand why you would ever need to do this. Installing a new version of the binding will never require you to reset any device.

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@chris Sorry misunderstanding you are post message before Im read it… My post has been for user lianse who ask to do fresh install of OH3 … So fresh install mean delete everything and this also mean that I neeed to reinclude devices… And this is not option…
Chris is your fixed database included in OH3 release version?

Well, I did a fresh install as in purging and installing operating system provided package (crealning cache and tmp) but keeping persistent settings (jsondb)

Ah - ok. It’s useful if you reply to a specific message so that we can see this.

I’ve not read the emails relating to this, but if you do a fresh install of openHAB, you do not need to reinclude any devices.

I have not changed the database for this device. IF there is a problem with it, then the database will presumably still need to be updated. The issue @Bruce_Osborne was referring to was only an issue with the user interface which will not change the database - it will allow the database to be changed though if needed.

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No you do not unless you have securely included devices and did not save the key.

I moved my Z-Wave network from Home Assistant to zoH without doing that. At least back then Home Assistant would have required resetting for a new installation since it only discovered devices upon inclusion into the network.

Okay, I worked around this limitation by removing all <options> within (property 40,41,43) xml definition. Now I’ve got an input field where I can set a value (within valid min-max bounds).
So options 40,42,43 and 112 need to be changed (removing options set) in database.

I also lowered min of 42 and 43 to 30, which at least works for my device. It take around 5-7s to push all values through low traffic network, though.

  1. cloned
  2. git checkout 3.0.0
  3. edited src/main/resources/OH-INF/thing/qubino/zmnhxd_0_0.xml
  4. mvn package
  5. copied file to target server (where openhab runs) to /tmp/org.openhab.binding.zwave-3.0.0-1.jar
  6. ssh into openhab (ssh -p 8101 openhab@localhost)
  7. bundle:update org.openhab.binding.zwave file:///org.openhab.binding.zwave-3.0.0-1.jar

I have updated the database, exporting now, and will do a snapshot build on OH3 once it’s done.

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I have been busy and didn’t have time to reply.
@lianse I use secure include in all devices and don’t allow unsecure devices in my network. One is produced 2019/29 and another 2019/34 but Im receive FW update from support when report issue when Qubino meter “stuck” and infinite report old power usage… Update didn’t fix it and on one meter I have still issue that even all things are off it report on one phase 300W power usage(All other phases show ok valuse)… Power cycle do not help Im not sure if this is OH3 issue or meter issue, because other phases on same meter work ok…

@chris If I update my OH 3.0 M5 to stable one and remove zwave binding from OH3 GUI(Uninstall it from GUI) and then copy jar image from SNAPSHOT to addon directory will everything work or I will have issues with devices? Or need also backup/restore some other files?

This is a bit confusing as we seem to be discussing this issue in two threads - not nice.

You will need to change to use the latest snapshot - just the binding snapshot needs to change. Remove whatever binding you have running, and install the latest snapshot.