Zwave crashing after a while

zwave had been working wonderfully until a few days ago, but now zwave things keep going offline (as seen in PaperUI) after OH has been running for a few hours. I restart (sometimes clearing the cache) and it works again for a while and then the things start to go offline again.

I’ve not been able to find an error in openhab.log.

OH is gobbling an ever-increasing amount of memory which it wasn’t doing before, so I’m guessing that’s related to the zwave problem.

Does anyone have any ideas for how I can track down the problem and fix it, please?


after more investigation, I think it’s being caused by the memory leak that’s talked about here:-

I’ve removed the amazonechocontrol binding for the moment to check how things go.

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To me people mentioning zwave crashing when there is a different cause just underlines how important and useful the work of @chris is to openHAB.