ZWave database changes - improving data, and locking devices

We currently have 760 devices in the database and this is increasing quite quickly! Many devices are added in an incomplete way with overview data missing and I’d like to improve this. I’ve recently added a feature to create documentation for all devices from the database, so if we improve the database quality and add this general information, then we improve our documentation which hopefully improves everyones user experience.

So, I’ve made a few changes to the ZWave device database in order to try and prompt people to improve the quality and prevent changes on devices that are considered stable and complete.

Firstly, I’d like to prompt people to add all data for a device, and improve the consistency of what is added. This improves the quality of the data that is presented in the documentation so is a benefit to everyone. The database provides prompts for this with the warnings at the top of the page -:

and I’ve also added some additional highlighting to the entries that are missing -:

These issues will be required to be filled in for new devices from now on - ie it will not be possible to request a review until certain information is complete.

I’ve also added a button to allow users to request the device is locked from editing. Before doing this, all data should be added, and nicely formatted etc. Once everyone is happy with this, then we can lock it to prevent changes without a little more thought and effort.

Below is an image showing the new button to request a device is locked - as above - before doing this, everything must be nice and tidy.

Once a device is locked, you will instead have a “Request Access” button -:

Ideally, before requesting access to make an update, you should discuss changes on the forum so that other users of the device have the possibility to comment. If changes are small, then this isn’t necessary, but if you want to change channel configuration, then it’s best to discuss to avoid any unwanted surprises :wink:

Once access is provided, you have 3 days to complete the changes and request a review…

The objective here is to improve the quality of the data, and avoid changes that might be made to otherwise stable devices, and not to make it unnecessarily hard to use :wink: . Devices will only be considered for locking once they really are in a good shape - and I think it’s in the communities interest to achieve this…

If anyone has any comments or thoughts on this, please let me know :slight_smile: .


I’ve now also added a view of the markdown documentation that is generated from the database. The formatting is different to what will be seen once imported into the OH documentation, but it should allow you to see what the generated output will look like. I would recommend checking this before requesting a review so that you can see the impact of your changes directly in the documentation.

The view this, you can click on the Export button and select MD Documentation.

I just posted

In which forum should I initiate discussion about a change to the database. For a common door sensor, I imagine a change would affect many people.