ZWave database editor site transfer

In case anyone is wondering, I’ve disabled further registrations in the current ZWave database site - current users can continue to edit the database for another day or two, then I’ll close all logins to avoid changes to the database while I migrate things to the new site.

If anyone has any issues, please shout…


It would be nice to see the firmware version when searching so that you do not get identical results in the list.
Apart from that I think it looks good.

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Thanks for the feedback.

The firmware version is already shown in the search list (it’s just called “Version” though) -:

Is that what you mean, or do you mean something else?

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Ok. It is not shown when I browse from my phone.

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Fair point. On smaller screens with limited real-estate this gets dropped along with the details pane. It’s always a compromise and to be honest I’ve not spent a lot of time optimising things for smaller formats as yet.

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Please note that I’m now in the process of transferring the database to the new site. The old site is now closed for general editing - database administrators can still make changes if there is any problem with the transfer, but hopefully we’ll have the site moved across in a few days.

Note that during this time the new site also may not work as I migrate tables across…


Just to update on this - the migration to the new server is complete. We had a couple of hiccups with the importing script over the weekend but hopefully everything is up and running. If anyone has any issues, or suggestions for improvement, please shout.


A lot to do .-)


It’s directly copied from the old database, so it will be the same there - we just didn’t have this printed anywhere :wink:

Ah, I see. I thought this were all edits where users forgot to hit the request approval button.
But also old errors from missing entries are included in that number.
So actually the database is in pretty good shape :heart_eyes: