ZWave Database issue with "Merten 50x5xx Roller shutter push-button"

Dear @Chris,

I have just migrated from my old working openHAB 1 to the new version openHAB 2.3.0. My battery-operated Zwave Merten things (which you helped me some time ago to successfully include into openHAB 1, thanks a lot again!) have been recognized by HABmin (version 2.0.0) after waking up them manually.

However, it seems that the database entry for the main-powered “50x5xx Roller shutter push-button” is not correct, similarly to the issue raised here. The sensor appears in green, is named correctly, however there is no “Blinds” link, but only Brightness or Luminance channels (i.e. dimmers). As a consequence, no Roller shutter item can be used to actuate the shutters.

I would be very grateful if you could apply the same fix as you did for the issue above. Thank you for your support! Kind regards,

I’ve updated the database - can you provide me with a link to an image of this device please? Then I can approve the database and get it into the binding.


Here is an image of this device, as well as a pdf file with technical data.
Let me know if you need something else.

Thank you for your quick reply and support!
Kind regards,

Just to inform you that after installation of the last snapshot of the Z-Wave binding with the database updated, the “Merten 50x5xx Roller shutter push button” is now working properly and I could link the channel to a rollershutter item. Many thanks to you Chris!
Best regards, Samuel

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