Zwave Delays - Unpredictable

My Z-wave network in general works fine - but sometimes I get delays of 5-10 seconds.

I’ve disabled polling and i’ve disabled reports from individual sensors, so the network is less chatty, which has helped a lot.

This morning I had a delay again, and captured my zwave log for analysis in the log file viewer. I find it hard to analyse what the cause of the delays in the file are though. Maybe someone can help me pinpoint what caused the delays?

Thanks in advance!!

Here i’ve stored the log file:

I can’t help with the logs but I know that my network was once plagued with delays and missed commands in my zwave network. I looked at the network neighbors chart in Habmin and discovered that only one mains powered device was withing range of the controller so all the network traffic was going through that one node. I added a second mains powered device and all my problems went away.

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Thank you for thinking with me! In my case - its quite a dense network with repeaters included and a lot of powered devices that can reroute traffic. It seems at the moment my network view is broken, so i’ll first update to latest zwave (see i’ve got to remove and add around 90 devices - :-D) And I’ll check if that improves things.

This may help…