Zwave (GET request) of powered Nodes every 30 minutes

I recently set-up a Zniffer to better understand and improve my Z-wave traffic. What I noticed is that my powered nodes receive a GET request (Binary Switch, Multilevel Switch, Meter, Sensor Binary & Multilevel Sensor, (as appropriate for the device)) from the controller every thirty minutes, although they are only configured for daily (86400) polling with no polling after a command. The Z-stick itself is also only set for a daily minimum poll I thought it might be the Remote Openhab binding, but I see no parameter there regarding this. Also I thought there might be something in the basic settings of OH that creates GET requests? I have not determined if this is a problem, but I’m wanting to know from where these requests are coming and adjust the frequency?

Pi4-2GB with OH 3.0.1 IP Camera & Remote OpenHAB and MQTT;
Pi3-B1.2 with OH 3.0.1 Z-wave & MQTT <–Device with GET requests

This doesn’t sound like a problem that should cause any issue with the network as such, but if you have polling disabled it shouldn’t be doing it. Please provide a long debug log so we can see what is happening.

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Thanks for the quick reply. That is going to be a project for me. Will reply when I have it together. I’m just learning this Zniffer and I’m going to have to figure out how to share a 40+ min OH3 Debug file.

FWIW- I think the Zwave controller is doing the bidding of something else and, as above, I’m not sure either that it is causing a serious congestion problem.

One random thought- In your experience can a Multicast (or other communication) from one Zwave node cause the controller to poll all the other devices?

I watched the same behavior on my system. I will start debug logging today and provide the file and detailed system information by tomorrow. Maybe some more information from a second system can help.

So to be clear - what exactly is that? You are using a sniffer and seeing some sort of GET messages every 30 minutes?

If this is one command per device every 30 minutes, it will absolutely not be causing any problem with congestion.

No - the controller will never poll anything. The controller doesn’t implement any functionality relating to command classes.

Not quite, but first of all my network works stable and without problems.
Two weeks ago, out of interest, I enabled debug logging to see what my network was doing. In doing so, I noticed that my devices were polling every 30 minutes, even though I set the polling of the devices to 86400. This didn’t bother me much though, as I blamed it on the controller, where I can’t explicitly set this.
This thread reminded me of it and since the polling should not show this behavior, with the period set, I would also be interested if this can possibly be fixed.
Is this an abnormal behavior that should be investigated, or is the binding just programmed that way?
More information (system, Z Wave controller, …) and a full debug log I can provide if needed.

Well, if you have the polling set to 86400, then it should not poll every 30 minutes. I can’t easily investigate this as I don’t have a system running at the moment but please provide a log during startup and I’ll have a look.

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Thank you!
All main powered devices are set to 86400 and command poll 1500 except of node 9. Since this did not change the polling period, I did not adjust the other devices.

openhab.log (910.8 KB)

Thanks. According to the log, polling is configured for 30 minutes. If you really think it’s set differently, then I’m not really sure where the error is. Where are you setting this? Maybe there’s some sort of bug in the UI or somewhere - the binding side hasn’t changed at all for OH3 so I don’t think it should be a binding issue (but I stand ready to be corrected).

Polling Period is configured for every Device (Thing) as the Z Wave Stick Thing does not provide a field for it. Also advanced configuration not.
Where should it normally be configured?

That’s the correct place. There’s no errors in the log to say it’s incorrect, so my assumption at the moment is that this isn’t provided to the binding for some reason. The binding sets this to 30 minutes as a default, then reads the configuration to update it, if it can’t parse the time, it throws an error and uses the 30 minutes, but there is no error.

I use the Version 3.1.0 from 15.2. of the ZWave Binding, because of the Database.
Strange behavior.
Is there anything i can check or test without touching the code?
The thing configuration for the zwave devices is provide by the xml files, right? Maybe there is a serialisation issue.

No - the configuration is stored in the json database.

Thanks for your quick reply.
I will see if i can figure out what is going on here.

I’d suggest to check the json database, then check what is being sent in the REST API using your browser debugger. If you paste the device config here I’ll have a look as well.

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Maybe try setting the binding to debug, then set the polling period to something else other then 24 hours, maybe try 12 hours and watch the log. Chris, should the change show in the logs?

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Good idea - this would log if the configuration is received.

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Attached is the REST API of one of the nodes that polls at 30 min. and a snip of the config. To my untrained eye, the 86400 is not getting into the config, but the Command Poll period is.
Node3.txt (2.2 KB)


edit: if I knew the config name (e.g. binding_poll ??. I could use the Put to add it and see if it works.
edit2: nevermind. I found it in @dadman file


I discovered exactly the same thing. The polling period for the devices is not in the json file.

I looked at all the Z Wave devices and only two had the polling period as part of the configuration.
Then I compared that to the startup log and found that those two are correctly initialized with 86400. All others with 1800.
My debug log from this morning confirms this, as one is polling once and the other is not polling at all. However, they both work.
The devices in question are Node 5 and Node 7.

Interestingly, these two devices were added when I was still using OH 2.5. I updated to OH 3 a few weeks ago without reinstalling.
I then added all other devices with OH 3 and ZWave Binding 3.0.1 and later 3.1.0.Snapshot.

If I understood correctly, I can edit the json files by hand and then do a restart of OH. The edited files will then be used, is that correct?

Here is the json file with only the z wave devices.zwave_things.json (100.8 KB)

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