Zwave Issues with OH2 (Switch Updates)

Hi, i moved recently from OH1 to OH2.1.
All seems finally to work out fine and i today switched all zwave items to 2.1 binding to get rid of old stuff.

What I have experienced is several switched even after 2 hours have not updated their state so still “green switch icon” and OFF…so i checked the item properties with Habmin and added a “polling period” of 300…which I hope means 300seconds…as the rest is in minutes.

But still there is no update of switch states…

Any idea is highly appreciated.

if they are battery devices, they take time.

no, switches normally are plugged to the wall and “online” all the time…

you may have to write a rule to update the status in oh. search the forum for switch updstes.

actually i just searched, no help. @rlkoshak should be able to help, or @chris

hm, polling period should fix this - to have more frequent autonomous updates coming from the swithc, of course with the drawback to be more busy in the air.

I just checked again the association groups…its set to the controller id1.

chris jackson or any of the zwave guys should be of help here.

Afraid I won’t be much help. I’m good with the basics. This is far beyond my knowledge.

I’d suggest to get a debug log so we can see what is happening. Also, you don’t say what the switches are which might also be useful - otherwise at first glance it looks like you’re doing all the right things…

hi chris, how to produce debug logs…start_debug (?) and next?

What I have observed…the classic Fibaro Switches with the LED Ring arround work perfect. Means after short time the switch state is updated in the UI. However all others, which have the same case but different brand make problems…
E.g. even after 24hours the switch state is still not set correctly…like its still OFF, even if I can see that the switch was ON for weeks.

Here an example of switch installed:

hm…just tried to check config in Habmin again and found something interesting…for this switch I can see in habmin@description the correct switch state…like ON but in ClassicUI it is still OFF.

Maybe there is an issue with my ClassicUI setup?

From karaf console use the following command -:

log:set debug org.openhab.binding.zwave

Thanks Chris, but do you have any explaination for the behavior above. That Habmin shows the state correct and ClassicUI not?

No really - I would still suggest to look at the logs, or at least the event logs to see if the values are being updatd. If they are, then the problem might be with the sitemap setup.

I’m not sure - there’s not really enough information… Check the logs - they are your friend here :wink: .

OK, will provide the debug logs.

in the meantime i checked the event logs…one example switch logged today:

2017-09-03 15:16:51.185 [temChannelLinkRemovedEvent] - Link ‘WellWater_Switch => zwave:device:f7e2c745:node10:switch_binary’ has been removed.
2017-09-03 15:17:26.684 [ItemChannelLinkAddedEvent ] - Link ‘WellWater_Switch-zwave:device:f7e2c745:node10:switch_binary’ has been added.
2017-09-03 18:00:00.019 [ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘WellWater_Switch’ received command ON
2017-09-03 18:00:00.025 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - WellWater_Switch changed from NULL to ON

I restarted Openhab arroudn 3pm…is that normal that the switch link is removed and added with each start of openhab…strange. In addition you can see that at 6pm it should turn ON…what is interesting that for 3hours from the restart of OH it still was NULL…so no update at all for the switch state.

Yes - I would think so. Objects are dynamic - they are added when you start, and removed when you close.

Chris, DEBUG is running.

  • what time period do you want to have tracked?
  • which files do you want to see…events/openhab.log?

How can I upload the files…i only see image upload

An hour or two should be enough - enough to catch the polling at least. I only really want to see the openhab.log file - this should have enough to see what’s happening…

sorry if this is the most inappropriate way to share the file(s)…i “cloud’ed” the files as i could not find any upload for non-image files.!AqVcwrl1pLMGtApi3ZT8tjkXhbVM

It includes both events/openhab log zipped.

For example switches that make problems are: PVng5Mono_Switch, PVng5Poly_Switch, PVng4_Switch, Solar_Switch,MaxKalk_Switch, WellWater_Switch…

Especially the 2 PVng5 switches are never touched, so they are ON 24hrs…but never update the state in UI…

Again, for me its strange that in HABMIN description i can see the correct state…

No problem with the file sharing …

What node numbers am I looking for?

already in bed :slight_smile: but remember 49 and 50. the two with 24hrs in ON state. thanks a lot