Zwave-JS-UI in place of OH Zwave binding

Does anyone have any idea how I can show in OH that Z-Wave ui js is also running?

Try the zwave/driver/status topic

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A heads up to the GitHub… someone is/can developing an official binding…

Note that at this point, that issue is a feature request, and no one has committed to working on it yet.

I have tested this but it looks for me not reliable. I had many cases where the status was true, but the serial connection has been lost. The “auto recovery” via soft reset seems not to help. What I’m now trying is to check the output in the logfile (“Performing soft reset…”).
Unfortunately until I have implemented it, I have no troubles with the connection :wink:

Interesting. I don’t use that topic, but I can see in HA configs that topic is used to turn the state of the node “offline” (I don’t us the HA configs either but noticed its use in a test environment). If the controller is dropping off while ZUI is still running maybe use the controller status topic. (edit: or both)

FYI News on Zwave-js-ui certification: Nabu Casa joins the Z-Wave Alliance - Home Assistant (