ZWave Lifeline set to node_1 on reboot instead of Controller

I am having trouble that the Lifeline is being reset on reboots to node_1 instead of controller. Is there something I can do to fix that?

Node_1 normally is the controller. I’m not sure whether you are using Paper UI or HABmin, but it’s likely just a display issue on the UI.

It is node_1 in both PAperUI and Habmin. The problem that results is my motion sensors are not sending the motion reports to drive rules.

If it’s reproducible, you should try to capture a debug log which would show the lifeline association being reset.

There was some discussion on the forum here about a similar issue, but no root cause was found.

I am running the latest snapshot and this has been a problem since converting to version 2.4. It is repeatable because it happens after ever update/reboot of openhab. I will turn on debug and try to get a log on the next update.

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Same here, problem since 2.4. I haven’t been able to find out when it happens. Probably tons of logging sent to someone smarter than me would help-