Zwave mesh, neighbors, and tools

I read other threads about zwave mesh and the display of said mesh with HABMIN.

Those threads are pretty old, many before the existence of openhabian.

Some of those old threads mention a Zensys tool. One thread had a link (though, I think it’s a windows exe, I only have linux) but that link is stale and I can’t find anything on the web.

More curiosity at this point than issue (since I can control all my things), but , in HABMIN (I’m using openhabian snapshot, with an Aeotec Z-stick gen5), my mesh shows like this:

All the devices work from OH just fine (though there is a ~2 second delay between clicking in OH and Node 10 acting. In the Thing > Attributes for Node 10 it says 11 and 12 are 10’s neighbors.) Node 13 Attributes shows no neighbors and even though it knows it’s a ZEN23 it says unknown manufacturer.

Is it common for the mesh to be shown like this?

Is my mesh really not meshed?

One of the old threads says healing was actually disabled in openhabian at one point. Has this changed? There is a selection for the heal time in the controller Thing.

I believe that view in Habmin is broken. A fix should appear in the snapshots mid September at last report.

I suspect nodes 13 and 14 are battery devices. Battery powered devices do not act as relays for the messages from other nodes.

I don’t know enough to address the other issues.

Habmin is not showing the mesh, as in routes. It is just showing the neighbors the devices have reported to the controller. The network topology displayed in Habmin is not showing routes, so nodes may look disconnected but they can still communicate. A network heal is only available in the development version of the zwave binding, which is likely to be merged into master (the nightly snapshots) soon.

Zensys Tools is available from Axial Control ( A newer(?) version that looks to have limited fumctionality is also distributed with Aeon Labs firmware updates. There is only a Windows binary and I have not been successful running it under Wine (they did something odd with com port discovery).

All of my devices are mains powered.

I believe battery devices has a red cirkel. At least all my devices does.