Zwave: Nexa AD-146 Dimmer Showing as Unknown Device

Is it possible to add the Nexa AD-146 Dimmer to the DB or add it manually

In HABmin it give the following information

Manufacturer 0060
Type / ID 0003:0002
Firmware Version1.6
Frequently Listening
Neighbours 2 nodes 2, 3

I hope somebody can help.
It is a nice cheap Zwave Dimmer 310,- DDK

If you have the XML (in the userdata/zwave folder), then it would be great if you can add it to the database. I’ve given you access, so if you can load the XML, and add any configuration it would be appreciated :slight_smile: .

Any problems, please let me know.

I also have the NEXA AD146 Zwave dimmer, it looks like its a Everspring AD146

There is a xml file

Is it possible to use this one?


Really I’d like to get the XML that OH produces rather than copying the other AD146. I’m happy to copy the configuration from the Everspring definition, but there will be other information from the device that will linkely be different and it would be good to get the XML.

The XML is generated by OH - it’s stored in the /userdata/zwave folder, so there’s nothing really to do.

Hi Chris here is the xml file

node3.xml (7.0 KB)


Hi Chris
I have not been able to finde the XML file. I am running OpenHAB2 snap from the 02-10-2016, using Openhabian on a Raspberry 3.
Can you use the node3.xml from Goran, or can you tell me where I can finde mine? :slight_smile:
Br Jesper

Thanks - that’s allowed me to complete the database for the AD146 - I’ll update the binding tonight hopefully…

Yes - this should be fine so long as yours is the same - let’s see, but it’s likely to be ok :slight_smile:


Hi Chris :slight_smile:
I found the XML file under /var/lib/openhab2/zwave and have added it to your DB
Tanks for the grate work
Br Jesper


Hi Chris,

I’m new to zwave but if i understand correctly the Nexa AD146 will pop up in

and Openhab will grab it from the db or do I have to add it to Openhab manually?


As soon as all informations have been added (the xml is only one part), the device will be approved by chris and added to the DB. The export to the zwave binding then goes “quite automatically” for OpenHAB2 (AFAIK). But you have to uninstall and re-install your binding for getting the newest one (or updating the binding through the Karaf console).

Thanks for the info jaydee73, much appropriated

Nevertheless we should highlight @chris to ask him about the current state. He was maybe busy the last days and has lost track of this task…

There were 2 or 3 devices that I looked at last night. I didn’t get the chance to update the binding last night, so it will be tonight, but I don’t remember the AD146 being one of them…

Hi Chris,

If you remember I posted the xml file generated from OH2 node3.xml (7.0 KB)
This one is for the NEXA AD146 that looks exactly like the Everspirng AD 146 on the out side.

Best regards

Yes, I remember, my point was just that I don’t remember it being one that I’ve released recently, so you might need to prompt me…

What happens is I get a list of all the database changes ordered in time. Normally, each night I go through this list an release anything that has been updated. If I miss one, then it can slip down the list and I can miss it. In this case, either ping me a message, or go back and click the ‘request approval’ button so it gets highlighted again and I should pick it up…

I think the “problem” in this case is that no one has uploaded the xml to your db, chris. Goran has uploaded it here and maybe he thinks that you will do the rest. And you do vice versa.

Where is the DB where i can upload the file to?

You posted the link yourself! :wink:

But you have to register for an account first and chris has to approve your account. Then you can follow his tutorial to upload your xml (see:

Please be aware that the configuration parameters are not added automatically with the XML file. You (or chris… :wink: ) have to add them afterwards. You need the manual for finding out which parameter do exist. Or you rely on the configuration parameters of the Everspring AD146, which you stated is equal.

I got the manual