ZWAVE:Popp 10 Year Smoke Detector (009402) - UNKNOWN DEVICE


I’m a beginner with pi,oh2 and zwave.
At the moment I’m facing a problem with the Popp 10 Year Smoke Detector -009402.
Regarding HABmin and Paper UI the device is online but listed as UNKNOWN DEVICE.

I have found following issue, where beckjim mentioned problem with different versions.

So I checked my device and found out that my device has version 1.14.
Comment in z-wave database: Firmware Versions All up to 1.1

So, how can I integrate my smoke detector (version 1.14) to oh2?

thanks for any reply

If there’s now an overlap again that means we can’t differentiate the two devices, then I can’t see what we can do here.

That said, it shouldn’t show up as unknown since it’s in the database, so if you have unknown device, then there’s probably something else wrong. It should be detected as the siren…

I also see a difference between type and id (0004:0004)
On device database I have found following entry: 0004:0002

Maybe this is the reason for my problem?
There are no channels available in HABmin or Paper UI for this device.

Ok - that’s better :slight_smile:

Yes - and this is easy to fix. I think for a few reasons we’re best to add a new database entry - does the binding create an XML file for this device, and if so, can you post it please? Can you also check your manual to make sure that the parameters in the database are the same as any manual you have?

yes, xml has been created.
node4.xml (8.6 KB)

I have checked Configuration Parameters with my manual --> they are the same


I’ve updated the database -:

I have tested all functions with success.
So your update was completely correct.

Thanks a lot!

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