Zwave slave controller

I have a Aeotec USB zwave stick in my Openhab nas, then i like to add a zwave slave (raspberry pi with zwave and using but in my Openhab it shows up 2 Unknown nodes. And in the raspberry the nodes are not complete in interview.

Whats wrong

Your understanding of how this is supposed to work.
There is no such thing as a slave zwave controller meaning that it can be used in parallel with the primary one for all functions. Any device that was included with a primary controller (your Aeon stick) will store that one’s ID and will send a number of messages such as its lifeline association only ever to that primary, possibly that’s what happens when you try to interview it from the RaZberry.
There’s secondary controllers (usually remotes) to send commands but they don’t interview the network. The RaZberry (likely) cannot be used as one as it is supposed to be used as a primary itself.

Now i have reset everything.

Primary controller is the USB stick on my nas with Openhab, can I include the razberry to extend the range ?

On raz I have these options!

"Start the inclusion or learning mode on the customer’s primary controller and click the button below.

Include into Network
This starts an inclusion process for a new controller. This new controller will become the new primary controller of your network."

No, and there is no need to do so. Any mains powered zwave device will extend the range.

Yes, but can’t I use my razberry with Z-Wave to extend it ?

Very likely no. I guess noone ever tried to misuse a controller as a repeater. That just does not make sense as the repeater capability is available in any mains device.