Zwave -> technical status of devices

Is it possible to create items and retrieve values for more “technical” values from a device:

  • Last Wakeup
  • Last “Communication”
  • Battery Low (NODE XX: BATTERY LOW! from the log; not the standard channel)


I know it can be seen in Habmin - however I would like to create items to put on a sitemap.


If there isn’t a Channel for that data listed under the Thing in PaperUI then there is no way to link an Item to that data. It would probably require a modification to the binding to support it.

Except for the online/offline status. You can trigger a Rule when the state of the Thing changes. See

I created a request … lets see if this makes sense to other people aswell.
Thanks Rich!

While we can of course add more (and more, and…) channels, we need to be careful not to make a mess. I also don’t want to be adding status channels for things that could be considered “system” information and should (at least in my opinion :wink: ) be provided by the framework.

So, to look more specifically at your request -:

This is the same thing. I think there has been some discussion on this on the forum, but I don’t consider this to be a Z-Wave issue. I think the framework should provide “last update” type of functions in a standard way across all bindings.

Battery devices will of course have a battery level value and this is exactly what you see in the log, so this is already available now.

This is another system issue and again it has been disucssed on the forum and I believe it’s possible to get the thing status.

This appears to be implemented for rules at least -: