Zwave - Thing Properties to item?

I would like to read information from thing properties to an actual item.
is there a way?

You normally link Thing Channels to Items.
What in the Properties interests you to control or monitor? I believe they are just static information received from the device itself.

No, it is not possible to do this.

the last wakeup
so I could find nodes that stop working via a rule

You can do this by detecting if they are OFFLINE.

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no this is unreliable
in fact nodes that did run out of battery are reported online for moths and other that are working do show offline but work like a charm anyways

at least my aeotec gen5 is totally unreliable in setting this status

In theory, it should NOT be unreliable since the binding should be using the same information. If that’s not working, then there’s a bug.

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I assume the binding works fine but the controller is doing strange things in what it thinks the item status is.

this did never ever work for me in the last years

i had some nodes without battery > 1 year as I was too lazy to remove them
they never have been shown as offline

and another main node is often reported as offline … runs through the whole states to Online every time it sends something (which works) just to go offline after the communication

so I was looking for any possibility to write the “last communication” from a thing to an item and do that by a rule. I thought the wakeup would be a good starter … if a battery device did not wake up (in my setup) for more then 24 hrs its already a good indicator

chris the developer should know…

I know Chris and totally trust him :wink: however I lost trust in zwave devices / certificstions of those / … as there are too many crappy things happening that should not pass a certification and are not compliant


That doesn’t make sense.

The binding receives the wakeups - the controller has nothing to do with this. If the device stays online, and the device has stopped reporting, then there’s a bug in the binding. The binding should be (from memory) a time of a little more than twice the wakeup period - if the binding has not received a report from the device in this time, then it should set the thing to OFFLINE.

If that’s not what’s happening, then there’s a bug in the binding. Setting the thing to OFFLINE is the official way to do what you want, so we should really make it work.

I still make mistakes and software will always have bugs :wink:

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It’s pretty common to monitor the last update of an Item by the channel; after all that covers a greater part of the communications chain than just the Thing.

so this device has a wakeup of 5400sec
should be offline?

No - not necessarily. If it has been receiving reports, then it will be ONLINE.

what do mean by that?
a rule to track the last update and write to an item?
possible … but some of devices will not send anything for days as eg the window wasn’t opened.
so the wakeup would be better for me

there is no battery in it for 9months
this is also the last wakeup - 9 months ago in the properties section

so what I understood from above it definately missed lots of wakeup intervals and should go to offline ?

Yes, as I said if it is not reporting anything within twice the wakeup, then it should be offline.

well so this looks like a bug then. But this was for me in that way for endless releases of the binding from many many months. so its not a recent or new thing.

Ok, but if no-one reports it, then it’s still new, right - no matter how long it has existed :wink:

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sure :wink:
I would have expected you have some nodes out of battery as well on your large network and assumed if it was a bug it would be already known.

so thanks for explaining and I hope you can find it :slight_smile: