ZWave Things Syntax: Current Recomendations Please

After a monumental struggle to get the ZWave binding working in OH2 over RFC2217, it seems I am ready for the next step in my transition from OH1 to OH2. Unfortunately, I am baffled by the lack of documentation on the syntax for creating ZWave Things—there are even no examples available. Diving through the forums, I can see two lengthy threads: Zwave .things file syntax and What is wrong with this Thing declaration?. However, the gist of them is that ZWave maintainers do not use .things files and so there is no guidance on how to do it.

Does it mean I should not create ZWave things files? Do I have to use the UI? If so, which one? I tried Paper (it works) and HABMin (does not work), but I see that HABmin has a ZWave network grapher—but it does not work…grhrhr…more debugging? Which of the UIs would let me configure ZWave device parameters, like timeouts, modes etc? And if I change my mind in the future, can I switch the UIs or am I married to one for life?

Finally, even if I end up using the UI rather than a .things file, can I still use file-based .items configurations or do I have to use a UI? I assume I could use files, but I am quickly learning that with OH2 one should not assume anything.

I wish OH2 was easier than OH1, but having the extra choices without clarity of the pros and cons, whilst being mutually incompatible, makes things :slight_smile: harder. If it were documented, I would not be asking here, but the documentation lacks examples or guidance on it.

Many thanks for your suggestions how to continue.

zwave happens to be self-identifying to such a great degree that there is no benefit in editing things files. It is less error prone to use the offered discovery, and configure with PaperUI.

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Thank you, @rossko57, for your wisdom.