Zwave ZEN23 v3 Switch Missing Configuration Options

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+ 1GB RAM 120GB SSD Dick
    • OS: Raspbian Stretch
    • Java Runtime Environment:Zulu installed with OpenHABian
    • openHAB version: 2.5M1 with zwave binding 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Issue of the topic:ZEN23 v3 Zwave switich configuration items missing. There are item listed in the manual that are not available in OH.

XML file:

network_eb1f63a9__node_7.xml (9.0 KB)

Scanned PDF of manual (side 1 only) (not available online):
ZEN23-v3 Manual Side 1.pdf (1017.5 KB)

This switch is not yet in Production. I just connected it temporarily to check OpenHAB recognition. @chris, I should be able to test a temporary configuration if needed.

As your device has the same type and id as the existing one you need to limit that one to firmware max=2.9 and create a new database entry with firmware min=3.0.
Use your xml to create the new entry and add the new config parameters and all other necessary information.

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I am willing to try if you are willing to help :wink:
From PaperUI properties, is this the version field?


EDIT: HaBmin shows as unlnowm manufacturer, but openzwave identifies the ID correctly
as Zooz.

Sure, I will make the initial entry, give me a minute.

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Go ahead:

Yes, because it is not yet in the database.

Yes, that is the firmware version of your device (application version in your xml)

OK, I have registered as bwosborne. Edit rights, please :smiley:
@chris ? Could you help please?

We need to ping @chris for this.

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Done :slight_smile:

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You defined one Configuration Parameter, likely from the XML file. How do I add the others?

Nope, I copied it from the old device.

Too add the others hit the plus sign (lower one) and fill out the form:

Sorry I missed that.

@chris Review requested :wink:

Setting some options for config parameters 3, 5, 8 and 9 would be nice (like I did for config param no. 1) :innocent:

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I saw no place to put factory reset instructions.
I will add the other options later.
I assume the Endpoint 0 warning can be ignored?

Usage information is a nice place for that.

Yes. (normally)

I had a couple of minutes, so I updated , ready for review again.

Thx, done.

Thanks again.
Newbie question: Now what happens?
Not too impatient, just trying to “learn the system”.

Watch the github repo for the zwave binding, as soon as you see the changes there a little while later those changes should be in the zwave 2.5 snapshot binding.
You need to uninstall the current binding, drop the downloaded 2.5 snapshot zwave binding into your addons folder, delete the Things of devices you have changed and add them back (no exclusion/inclusion, please).

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