Zwave / Zigbee controller serial port issue

Running OpenHABian Snapshot 2.3 build 1152. When I configure a new Zwave Zigbee serial controllers, using Nortek / Linear HUSBZB-1 aka HubZ, the serial ports /dev/ttyusb0 and ttyusb1 show up twice in the list to select. This wasn’t happening before I went to Snapshot. This issue doesn’t seem to be interfering with the controllers operations, but seems like a bug. Thanks. See attached image:

Someone mentioned this elsewhere - it might pay to raise an issue about this on ESH as I think that’s where this code is stored. It should be the same for all bindings that use serial ports.

Maybe it is related to:

Bindings that use serial ports have to be adapted (developers: simply adding serial-port as a context to their configuration parameter in the XML is all it takes!). I have done so for a few already, but Z-Wave and Zigbee are e.g. not yet covered, so do not wonder why you don’t see this there yet.


Yes - it’s related to this recent change that adds the serial port names in the UI, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a binding issue…

The change that was made to the bindings is to set the context to be a serial port - this was done in the XML files. As I understand, there’s another bundle that then then adds the serial port list that is then displayed in the UI - I guess that this isn’t working correctly and something is duplicating the list…