ZWAVE Zooiz ZST39 800 series controller compatibility

You are mistaken. From the docs:

When the discovery process is started, the binding will put the controller into inclusion mode for a defined period of time to allow new devices to be discovered and added to the network.

If you need to exclude devices, you would do so from the thing for your controller.

Saying all of that, I’m not sure if 800-series controllers are supported by the 4.1.1 binding. You may need to update to a snapshot. @apella12, can you comment on this?

You could alternatively try Zwave-JS-UI (also thanks to @apella12’s efforts).

This kind of highlights why the inclusion buttons on Aeotecs can be problematic. We would generally recommend starting inclusion from the binding, but many Aeotec users never learn this since the button is more convenient. That’s fine until they change controllers or try to add a door lock, because secure inclusion only works if initiated by software.