Zwave ZXT-120 IR extender not showing channels

Last night I decided to wipe my OH2 install and start again fresh with OH2 Beta3, just for the practice.
All is well except my ZXT-120 zwave THING is discovered but not showing any channels. It was working correctly in the SNAPSHOT I was using (quite recent only downloaded last week).
Has something changed in the Z-Wave binding?

UPDATE - I installed the current snapshot and the ZXT-120 was discovered correctly including all channels. It seems in the Beta 3 release is discovering it as “ZXT-120AU” (it’s an Australian version) which is not listed in the CD-Jackson Device Database. The current snapshot discovers it as “ZXT-120” an all is well.

Should the ZXT-120AU be added to the Database to avoid this issue in the future? I’m not sure how to go about this.

Cheers, Liam

Typically I avoid defining different versions (eg ZXT-120AU, and ZXT-120US etc) and just have a generic version (ie ZXT-120). The different versions are exactly the same other than the regional frequency change, so it doesn’t make any sense to create a database explosion and have 6 versions of every device - it would just be a maintenance nightmare.

I understand Chris. I wonder why the Beta 3 release discovered it as ZXT-120AU while the snapshot discovered as the generic version?

I may have changed the name at some point… In the past people did have these regional specific model names for various devices, and I’ve been trying to remove them where I find them so I suspect that’s why you say the change.

Did you manage to get this sorted out? I’m tearing my hair out trying to get OH2 to find any channels on the ZXT-120AU despite it showing up ok as a thing.

I ended up starting from scratch and installed the latest Snapshot and it then recognised it as ZXT-120 (sans AU), and showed the channels.

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Hi Chris, I’m having this same issue with the ZXT-120 showing up with a regional model number (ZXT-120AU) would it be possible for you to remove the AU version from the database? It’s stopping me from adding it to my system.
Thanks in advance.
Cheers, Liam

It looks like this was a hangover from a previous version, so yes, I’ll remove it.

This should be in the binding once the build completes shortly…

Thanks so much Chris, it’s very much appreciated!!
Just wondering are you talking about a nightly build or a final build? As I am now running a Win10 install I have an offline install and I’m not sure how to get the latest binding into the build?

If you’re running an offline build, then you need to download the full offline build again to update. If you were using the online build, then you’d just need to uninstall the binding (using HABmin/PaperUI) and reinstall it again a few seconds later.

I thought that might be the case, thanks.
When should I expect the new build and what address can I use to ensure I’m getting the latest with the updated binding? Sorry to be a pain.

If you were using the online version, it would be available now, but for the offline, it is probably packaged up around 3AM GMT every day (which is when most of the nightly builds run).