1.X bindings not shown

I did a clean intallation using apt on a RPI3 (Raspbian).

Afterwards, I enabled remote repos and legacy bindings in the Paper UI. However, the bindings-list is only showing the 2.1 bindings.
Console shows the legacy bindings also, but even if I install them, they’re not loaded. (although the config files are generated).

try to set package = expert in /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg to see if it will help
maybe the compatibility layer for 1.x is not installed

Ps: which legacy binding are you interested to install? Keep in mind that this option (PaperUI->Configuration->System->Include Legacy 1.x Bindings) is only valid for 1.x (legacy) bindings for which a 2.x binding already exists.

This does not apply to all the 1.x bindings (like MQTT since there is no 2.x version of the MQTT binding published)

Normally, you wouldn’t enable this option in PaperUI (and you would still get the 1.x bindings listed if you use the correct installation package)

Hi Guys

Im having this issue ONLY with MQTT 1.x, other 1.x are available

I download the addons.kar and placed it into my addson directory as im using 2.5.12. The console shows:

17:35:13.568 [ERROR] [.core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing ‘openhab-binding-mqtt1’

Any thoughts?

You’ll be aware that in the four years since this thread was updated, much has changed, especially remote repos.

I think you need openhab-addons-legacy.kar as well? It always used to be separate.

Youre right, I needed the legacy file too. All good now, thanks rossko

You found a copy okay? All mention of legacy kar seems to have fallen out of the OH2 documention/download pages.
I’ve raised an issue for that.

Took me a while but I found it in installation pages under manual install :grinning: