4 item switches don't work seperately. Wrong Item/Thing configuration

In this case it looks to me that openHAB is somehow configured to send the power ON to all switches ( the items all switch to ON), but only the mqtt messages get through.
Why only the “predicted” message is logged might be a further indication, however I can’t tell the reason for that.

Hi helipus, how did you flash this device? I could not find any information on the flashing process for this device via Google.
Did you just soldered wires to TX and RX and flashed a basic Tasmota firmware to it? And then used the template from https://templates.blakadder.com/gosund_P1.html to configure the Tasmota to the device?

Hi Frank,
You don’t need to solder. I flashed all my Tuya chip products which before ran in Smart Life with the same process via the software Tuya converter which ran under a unix installation with an wifi adapter.
You can run it either on your raspi or you can use a Live Ubuntu or Kali image with your can boot from an USB Stick on your windows computer. I used the Live USB Stick.

Here is the general Idea describe how it works:

Here is the software and the step-by-step manual:

Here some other non official guides:

I recommend you most the github documentation.
After your are finished flashing Tasmoto on the device, do an updated and then use the provided template from https://templates.blakadder.com/gosund_P1.html

Thank you for this detailed list! :slight_smile:
The process using a Linux live image looks very promising for me.

I did create my Live Image with a persitence storage on my USB stick via the programm called Rufus:

In case it helps, we also have a tutorial here in the openHAB community.

I ran Tuya-convert on my RPi using a spare SD card with a fresh Raspbian install. Later on, I put that image on a second RPi to run Pi-Hole and CUPS, so now I have it available any time I need to flash a new Tuya device.