433 MHz sendCommand problem

Hi all. I Control my rollershutters with openhab, exec-binding, a 433mhz transmitter and Astro binding.

The Astro binding tells the rollershutter1 to Go down in sunset and it will Go down.

The Astro binding tells 2 or more rollershutters at the Same time to Go down. Than none of them will go down. I think the 433mhz transmitter cannot handle two or more commands at the Same time.

My solutions which i think are Not smart:

  1. At the Moment i use the rangeevent to solve the Problem. Rollershutter1 goes down on Sunset +1. Rollershutter2 on sunset+2.

  2. add a Timer to the rules. For rollershutter1 +1 second. Rollershutter2 +2 second.

So you guys have a better solution?


I was having exactly the same problem with my lighting solution and presence detection. I wanted to individually control my lights though RF, my solution was to make a python script with a half second sleep delay in between sending out the RF commands to the lights. It’s not all that clever and a bit hacky, but it works for me.

I guess a rule with a timer would be the same. Is it possible to map the same RF signal address to both of the blinds receivers, so that when you send the command they both go down or up together. Unfortunately you would loose the individual blind control though…

Good Luck!

@toto if you use raspberry-remote you can send the same command to multiple remotes.

which looks like this:
Remote_Send_Args.sendCommand("10010 1 10010 2 1")

Have a look here for a little more information!