After Migration from 4.0.0 to 4.1.1 openhab totaly down is in Nirvana / working with openhabian

What is the issue with the zwave devices you use? If they aren’t supported by the binding there is a DB of devices you can check to see if they’re supported. There’s also a very interesting thread on using zwave-js-ui instead of the zwave binding that you might find useful.

The problem … in my eyes there are min. two:
all z-wave devices has work bevor migration… so why shouldn’t they now not working. Before they were in the database… now not? What changes were done ? What causes this new behavior of z-wave devices? (Devices were old! Z-wave, i guess, is dead. There comes no new devices…
All devices were shown as online (as usual!) in the UI.
No communication at all. Wether send out a command nor receiving a status ore measurement value : so what is the sense behind showing a device as online when there isn’t any communication. (This is well known since 1.9… and I fixed it often with serveral …
first I will clear my log and increase as you suggested my log level

Your offer to install another zwave instance seems to complicated for me. Sorry. As you very good recognize: my frustration level is reached. I don’t want to expand the instable system. That costs a lot of time. Output a highly complex system for which anybody can take responsibilty to stay stable if parts are migrated. I think it’s a approache to become a stable zwave for actual code but cost to much time.
nonetheless thank you for pointing me to other approaches. As i said i have to decide where to spend my rare time on.

Again thank you very much that you take your time to support me.
Cheers Stef