Amazon Binding not working. OH3

Hi Guys,
i running into some problems with amazon echo control binding.
2021-02-20 09:54:14.127 [ERROR] [nal.common.AbstractInvocationHandler] - An error occurred while calling method ‘ThingHandler.handleCommand()’ on ‘org.openhab.binding.amazonechocontrol.internal.handler.EchoHandler@1921ebf’: GET url ‘’ failed: Not Found

I have already updated the binding from but actually it isnt available anymore, and i can controll my amazon devices via OH.

So could someone please help me to solve the problem?


According to Limit=2000' failed: Not Found - #18 by J-N-K in case you get the error message

it means that you do not use the snapshot that once was available.

What you could try is to do is to go to Index of openhab-linuxpkg/pool/main select one of the snapshot directories. Download openhab-addons_3.1.0*_all.deb.
The .deb file can be unpacked with e.g. 7z.
Extract the data.tar.gz file.
Further continue to look into the file and extract the file openhab-addons-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.kar.
Again look into the file and extract org.openhab.binding.amazonechocontrol-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar


Wolfang many many Thanks to you!
The next Beer is on me!

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