Android App Beta

Since 2.11.16 it is working.

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Since 2.11.18-beta you can click on charts to view them (nearly) full screen.

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Sorry for posting in the beta thread.
Running 2.11.0
Some self made icons appear smaller, top left aligned instead of fitting like the standard icons.
This is observed only on the phone, samsung s10 with android10 os. It is not visible when running on a larger tablet screen, s3 tab.
Has this been seen by others as well?

Can you open a new thread for that? Please try the latest beta version as well and tell us the version of your openHAB server, the icon format and post one of the icons, that are wrongly aligned.

I just released 2.11.24-beta. If there are no issue, it will be released as new stable version.


Thanks for creating this great app.

If I could get HabPanel to be the default UI that would be great. :wink:

May I ask you to consider a feature?

I’m currently using Nicola’s lovely Location app with Rest APi support, that updates 2 items based on my phone’s location, based on a Geo-Location set in the App as my Home and a second location approximately 100M away.

Is there any way you could include this type of feature?

@ger I opened a PR with a black/amoled theme:
This is basically the dark theme, but with a black instead of dark grey window background. The charts are also black.
Is this enough for a amoled theme?

Thanks for picking this up. Yeah, that’s the main thing.

I filed an issue at github for problems with scrolling within grafana charts. Eg menu for time selection and tables with many items.

I see this has now been merged with ‘chart improvements’

Has a solution been found? I am forced to use a browser to view my charts correctly.


That PR is for the separate chart activity (the one opening when you click a chart). In OH speak, your problem is not a chart problem, but a WebView one.

I don’t yet have a good idea for fixing your issue, which boils down to nested scrolling: if you have a scrolling thing inside a scrolling thing, which one of those gets the pointer events? This is an inherently hard Problem to solve, and at least I didn’t yet have the time to look into this.


I’m looking forward to using the new black OLED theme. I have a couple of old tablets that display a very get washed out and non uniform background when using the dark theme.

OK. Thanks for the reply. It used to work but I am not sure when it stopped working.

Since a few days i can’t see my webcam stream from the ipcam binding anymore. Did you make some changes?

Is it an MJPEG stream?

Yes, i think so.

The http lib was updated in 2.12.9-beta. This might cause the issue, but to be sure a GitHub issue including a debug log would be appreciated.

I did this:

Hope that helps…

Are you sure it stopped working in 2.12.9-beta? This was just a guess by myself.

@higgers @ger What do you think about the black theme? Is it black enough?

No, i´m not sure, but it was around this time.