Anova culinary bluetooth binding


Anyone has experience with bluetooth binding to Anova culinary sous vide precision cooker. I am hoping to get pointers. It would be great to integrate this to my home automation. Start timer remotely etc.

The BT binding for OH 1.X only supports detecting the presence or absence of a BT device. And it is a major pain to install and get working. In fact I failed when I tried.

The BT binding for OH 2 is supposed to have expanded capabilities but I don’t know is current state of implementation. I think the same guy who is writing the zwave and zigbee bindings us also the author for the BT binding, in which case the BT binding is of a lower priority.

I found this github that has bluetooth commands for Anova.

Will these commands work with OpenHAB2 bluetooth binding. Is that even possible ?

It won’t with the OH 1.x BT binding. I don’t know about the OH 2 BT binding. Chris is adding a lot of new capability to that binding but don’t know the specifics. But given this is a wrapper for iOS applications I suspect the answer is no. But it might be something someone could leverage to write something in Python or Java or something that would work in OH.

Since there’s no standard for this sort of thing (and barely any standards for BLE devices at all), it won’t be part of any BLE binding. The OH2 BLE binding provides (or will provide!) the services required to interface to BLE devices, but it would still (likely) need a standalone binding to decode the BLE characteristics that this device exports (assuming that information is even available?).

I’m new to OH myself. I’m thinking at this point when OH2 is released I’ll dive in.

There is this:

I haven’t tried it yet, but if that works command line, that’s the first requirement to implementing a specific binding to OH2.

That looks interesting. Please share if you get it working with OH2.

I found those two ones for the Wi-Fi version

And will try to include it to my installation and tell you how it worked out

I wrote a rule for the WiFi Version