Assitance in time controlled switch widget. On/Off times adjusted by the user

in the coming Release 3.4.x a new cool rule trigger was introduced:

rule "rule-test-switch-on"
	Time is DateTimeItem timeOnly

With this feature I want to develop a switch control widget with time functions (can than easily be adapted to other widget as well, e.g. rollershutter). This is more flexible than a hard coded cron job.
So the Idea is to specify on and off times within the widget.
After finishing I will make it available to the ui widget marketplace.
I hope that there is some interest.

To get it there I need your help :wink:
The issues I have are written in Bold font

The Status right now is:

Here the widget is not aligned with the default oh-cell widgets. If possible I want to make it looking the same as the default cell widgets.

pressing the 3 dots:

In the Time Control field I only want to display the adjusted time not the whole DateTime string

When setting the Time the TimeControl Widget is called:

It pops up in the top left corner. It would be better to have it central and maybe a more modern look and feel (ideas welcome).

In the attachment you will find:
Items necessary:
Test Rules:

Yaml of time picker widget:

Yaml of actual widget:

plug_control.txt (9.7 KB)
my_timepicker.txt (9.3 KB)
test.rules.txt (833 Bytes)
test.items.txt (108 Bytes)

A useage example can be found here