Automatically cycle between dashboards?

Just setup a raspberry pi to display habpanel and the touch interface is kinda painful so was wondering if there is anyway to switch every 2 minute or so between different dashboards.

I assume one option is to have an item for the current dashboard in openhab, set that item to switch the dashboard, then put a rule to rotate between dashboard but would really prefer a solution within habpanel. Any suggestions?

Sounds to me like you’ve already worked out the best solution.

Expand their thinking a little and if you wanted a third (etc) screen it would be easy to add that into a rule.

You might want to take a look at a HABpanel Widget called HPEx. I thing it does what you are looking for and few more things as well.

Thanks - this is exactly what I was looking for. It looks really awesome on a wall mount.

Yes. I use with my wall mount iPads running HABpanel Dasboards and it works pretty well. I especially like being able to dim the panels in the evening either by rule or manually since I have one of the wall mounts in the bedroom. At least it’s worth a try, and might save you some time and effort that can be spent on other things.

Oh sweet - dim the panel in the night with theater mode. Did not even realize this was possible through rules.

One thing though is that I cannot figure out how the sync with the server works… my rpi on chromium keeps losing the settings for HPEx and resets itself to default… Any clues on how that works?

I see @jwiseman did a nice job of laying out the procedure to get the HABpanel Extension config to stick. As Jay has pointed out, all config is panel by panel. OH is really not involved Which is nice as you can have separate settings per panel as Jay does in his setup.
I can’t add much to what he has provided. Try to work with what he has provided and I think you will be in good shape.

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