[avmfritz] Support for HAN-FUN / DECT ULE devices

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(Christoph Weitkamp) #1

With the last big firmware update (FRITZ!OS 6.90) AVM announced the support of third-party devices based on HAN-FUN standards (see https://avm.de/produkte/fritzos/fritzos-690/, German). Rumors on the internet say the support started even earlier. Theoretically any device which is certified by the ULE Alliance could be connected to a FRITZ!Box. The official ULE-Liste contains nearly three dozen of different products. Including various Telekom Magenta SmartHome / Qivicon compatible models (see https://www.qivicon.com/assets/Products/Uploads/QIVICON-Compatibility.pdf).

I have been contacted recently from different persons who asked me if the avmfritz binding already supports such devices. With a little help from those users who already own and operate some of those devices successfully I started to implement a first shot. Currently the documentation for the AVM interface and the possibilities is very moderate. That’s why I have had to do some reverse engineering to get it running. Know I want to ask for your help.

Has anyone access to some HAN-FUN / DECT ULE devices and can hand over any kind of information / data / logs to me to support the further development? That would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all of you in advance.

Supported devices (by FRITZ!Box and avmfritz binding):

Supported devices (by FRITZ!Box):

Not supported (by FRITZ!Box):

  • Outlets (Zwischenstecker innen / Zwischenstecker außen)
  • Siren (SmartHome Innensirene)

There are more which nobody has tested yet.

Here is a link to what I have got so far:

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and feel free to contact me.

Magenta Smart Home Binding
(Zbigniew) #2

As a requester for the extensions for

  • Door/Window Contact
  • Motion Sensor

I would like to report that Christph’s first shot is already working perfectly.

I’m running it on a FritzBox 7390 (OS: 6.83) and openhab2 snapshot on a Raspberry Pi.

Thanks a lot, Christoph!

(Christoph Weitkamp) #3

And again AVM announced support for HAN-FUN devices of different manufacturers.



The mentioned sensors (e.g. SmartHome Wandtaster - a switch with two buttons -, SmartHome Tür-/Fensterkontakt - a door/window contact - or SmartHome Bewegungsmelder - a motion sensor) have been successfully tested by them using the FRITZ!Lab version (upcoming FRITZ!OS 7) for FRITZ!Box 7490/7590. The use of other Sensors should be possible, if these are compatible with DECT-ULE / HAN-FUN standards.

You can find an updated test version for the binding in my GitHub repository.

(datatraveler) #4

Hello, can you add the Door- / Window contakt (Magenta SmartHome Tür-/Fensterkontakt, magnetisch)
It works on my fritzbox 7490, what information do you need to add?

Thanks data

(Christoph Weitkamp) #5

Hi @data,

Yes if course. I would love to. I will send you some instructions later via email.

(Stefan F ) #6

Hi Christoph,

I use a FritzBox 7590 with FritzOs 7 and a TELEKOM SmartHome Rauchmelder.
Can you also add it to your binding?


(Christoph Weitkamp) #7

HI @Stefan_F,

Yes, why not. Did you successfully connect it to your FRITZ!Box?

I need a DEBUG log (see https://docs.openhab.org/administration/logging.html#defining-what-to-log) of some requests from the avmfritz binding to the interface of your OH2 system. Can you create them and send them to me via PM or email? Thanks in advance.

(datatraveler) #8

Hello Christoph.

Thank you for the communication and integration of the device.
I am looking forward to the official release of your binding with hanfun.
Thank you for your great work.

Best regards Data

(Christoph Weitkamp) #9

Hi @data,

Thanks for your cooperation too. It was a pleasure working with you. With your help it was possible to add another device to the initial list: Door- / Window-Contact magnetic (SmartHome Tür-/Fensterkontakt magnetisch). I have included in my initial post.