[avmfritz] Support for HAN-FUN / DECT ULE devices

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(Christoph Weitkamp) #1

With the last big firmware update (FRITZ!OS 6.90) AVM announced the support of third-party devices based on HAN-FUN standards (see https://avm.de/produkte/fritzos/fritzos-690/, German). Rumors on the internet say the support started even earlier. Theoretically any device which is certified by the ULE Alliance could be connected to a FRITZ!Box. The official ULE-Liste contains nearly three dozen of different products. Including various Telekom Magenta SmartHome / Qivicon compatible models (see https://www.qivicon.com/assets/Products/Uploads/QIVICON-Compatibility.pdf).

I have been contacted recently from different persons who asked me if the avmfritz binding already supports such devices. With a little help from those users who already own and operate some of those devices successfully I started to implement a first shot. Currently the documentation for the AVM interface and the possibilities is very moderate. That’s why I have had to do some reverse engineering to get it running. Know I want to ask for your help.

Has anyone access to some HAN-FUN / DECT ULE devices and can hand over any kind of information / data / logs to me to support the further development? That would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all of you in advance.

Supported devices (by FRITZ!Box and avmfritz binding):

Supported devices (by FRITZ!Box):

Not supported (by FRITZ!Box):

  • Outlets (Zwischenstecker innen / Zwischenstecker außen)
  • Siren (SmartHome Innensirene)

There are more which nobody has tested yet.

Here is a link to what I have got so far:

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and feel free to contact me.

Magenta Smart Home Binding
(Zbigniew) #2

As a requester for the extensions for

  • Door/Window Contact
  • Motion Sensor

I would like to report that Christph’s first shot is already working perfectly.

I’m running it on a FritzBox 7390 (OS: 6.83) and openhab2 snapshot on a Raspberry Pi.

Thanks a lot, Christoph!

(Christoph Weitkamp) #3

And again AVM announced support for HAN-FUN devices of different manufacturers.



The mentioned sensors (e.g. SmartHome Wandtaster - a switch with two buttons -, SmartHome Tür-/Fensterkontakt - a door/window contact - or SmartHome Bewegungsmelder - a motion sensor) have been successfully tested by them using the FRITZ!Lab version (upcoming FRITZ!OS 7) for FRITZ!Box 7490/7590. The use of other Sensors should be possible, if these are compatible with DECT-ULE / HAN-FUN standards.

You can find an updated test version for the binding in my GitHub repository.

(datatraveler) #4

Hello, can you add the Door- / Window contakt (Magenta SmartHome Tür-/Fensterkontakt, magnetisch)
It works on my fritzbox 7490, what information do you need to add?

Thanks data

(Christoph Weitkamp) #5

Hi @data,

Yes if course. I would love to. I will send you some instructions later via email.

(Stefan F ) #6

Hi Christoph,

I use a FritzBox 7590 with FritzOs 7 and a TELEKOM SmartHome Rauchmelder.
Can you also add it to your binding?


(Christoph Weitkamp) #7

HI @Stefan_F,

Yes, why not. Did you successfully connect it to your FRITZ!Box?

I need a DEBUG log (see https://docs.openhab.org/administration/logging.html#defining-what-to-log) of some requests from the avmfritz binding to the interface of your OH2 system. Can you create them and send them to me via PM or email? Thanks in advance.

(datatraveler) #8

Hello Christoph.

Thank you for the communication and integration of the device.
I am looking forward to the official release of your binding with hanfun.
Thank you for your great work.

Best regards Data

(Christoph Weitkamp) #9

Hi @data,

Thanks for your cooperation too. It was a pleasure working with you. With your help it was possible to add another device to the initial list: Door- / Window-Contact magnetic (SmartHome Tür-/Fensterkontakt magnetisch). I have included in my initial post.

(Joachim Sokolowski) #10

@cweitkamp thank You for Your work!

Works here fine and out of the box with Door- / Window-Contact magnetic (SmartHome Tür-/Fensterkontakt magnetisch) :slight_smile:

As far as I can see your commits have not yet been merged into the OH 2.4 snapshot.
Anithing we users can do so that it will be merged to the snapshoot or the later release?

(Christoph Weitkamp) #11

Hi @J.Soko,

Thank you too. Unfortunately yes, the code has not been merged yet. I am afraid the only thing we can do is to wait until one of the other maintainers picks the PR up and takes care about it.

(Joachim Sokolowski) #12

Now it’s merged. Thank You! :slight_smile:

(Christoph Weitkamp) #13

Yes, I am happy about that too. It will be part of OH2.4 snapshot #1403. Next project is in the pipeline: Templates (“Vorlagen”). But first I have to finalize the OpenWeatherMap binding :wink:.

(Andi Marek) #14

Is it correct that the telekom smoke detector has only a contact thing available?

(Christoph Weitkamp) #15

Hi Andi,

AFAIK, yes. But I cannot proof it because I do not own such a device, sry.