Berlin meetup

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(Felix) #61

(Felix) #62

Great Meetup, hope you still have fun at the pizza place :wink:

(Patrick Fink) #63

In case anybody is interested in Simon Kaufmann’s presentation about profiles that we did a look at, you can find it here.

This is the openHAB documentation for Profiles that I contributed in 2018. And, last, but not least, State and Trigger channels are explained here.

Regarding the battery-less wall switches, these are the two bluetooth bindings:

The wall switch that I showed was ordered here.

(Stephan Luckow) #64

in case anybody is interested in co/organising the makerfair booth / aera at maker fair berlin (17.-19. Mai 2019) let’s talk here -> Maker Fair Berlin 2019 - Call for makers

(Holger Hees) #65

fyi. I confirmed with my employer that we could do the next berlin meetup in their office. There is also a small budget for food incl. pizza.

The location would be Alexanderstr. 1-5, 10178 Berlin in the office rooms of Visual Meta