Maker Fair Berlin 2019 - Call for makers

As smart home makers we should spread the word :slight_smile:
Someone who is interested in (co)organizing an openHAB presence at the Maker Fair Berlin?

Hint: the event starts one day after the bosch iot hackathon. openHAB / Eclipse SmartHome Developer Hackathon Europe - Spring 2019

Give me a ping.

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I’d love to be there with a Velbus demo unit shown as being fully integrated with openHAB2.

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Short update: our status for the maker fair -> accepted exhibition area :slight_smile:

Now it is up to us, to develop some ideas what and how we want to show something to the audience.

Kristina (she is working for the maker media gmbh) is interested in topics from us like (little) workshops (“how to activate your $smartHomeThing without the cloud”) or talks on the stage.
Let’s collect some topics so we can submit them together.

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I can help on the 18.05. with presenting something or answering questions.

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Reminder: Call for Sessions/Workshops is 31.03.2019. ->
I submitted a Session “What is smart in smarthome?” and a Workshop “First steps with openHAB” today. Feel free to submit same same but different :slight_smile:

Our Booth is no. 21. Located at “oberes Foyer”. We got a 3x2 meter table with 2 chairs.
In case you missed the correct address:
FEZ-Berlin Wuhlheide Berin Treptow-Köpenick.
Adress: FEZ-Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin

@holger_hees: what do you need at the booth for your presentation?
@MDAR: what do you need at the booth for your presentation?



Well, as long as no-one objects to an English language only presenter, I’m happy to come along.

My smallest demo unit has a footprint of about 400mm x 400mm and just needs a 2amp 220vac supply.

It would be nice to sit a second unit next to it with more switches in, but that’s an extra 400mm x 300mm (takes its power from first unit)

As for workshops, I could do something like

openHAB2 and Velbus, the perfect partnership”,
a quick how-to lesson on adding Things and Items.

Maybe with a DSL rule / NodeRed demo about linking Velbus to other Items & Vice Versa

Just a tiny observation

Their website says that the dates are

Unfortunately, that’s right in the middle of my honeymoon :frowning:
I don’t think my wife would be very pleased about me leaving her for a few days.

(Although, she might by then)

OK. no " openHAB2 and Velbus" presentation by Stuart :grinning: wish you a fantastic honeymoon :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m sorry about that.

I was really looking forward to it too.

Not that I’m not looking forward to the honeymoon, that’s a very different kind of pleasure.

Count me in for the next fair, I’ll definitely be there.

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@luckow You might want to add this event to our website at All it takes is a PR like this one :slight_smile: .

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thanks for the reminder. try my best :slight_smile:

I bring my laptop connected via vpn with my home to demonstrate the wall mounted tablet ui (HABPanel). I hope, this will motivate people to do more with openhab. Could we get a TV to present it on a bigger screen?

Additionally I will give an overview which components are connected with openhab.

And maybe a demonstration how to setup really everything with one click with ansible.

I can also answer questions to a lot of aspects of openhab.

do I need a ticket or how does it work on the entrance.

good question. will ask the contact person and answer this question.
i will try to find a solution for a bigger screen.

update for the ticket situation: Construction day is thursday. that is also the possibility to get the exhibitor passes. @holger_hees i organise one for you. call me on your day of arrival to hand over the pass.
if someone will join the maker faire as a visitor, use code “TTYFVR” for a reduced ticket price ->

oh and today i recognized, that my talk about “what smart means in smart home” was accepted. So if you ever wonderd what smart means … join my talk on sunday

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thanks for the coupon code :+1: it was nice to meet you.

this is the new home for the openhab sticker :heart_eyes: