Best persistence for new install?

What it considered the ‘best’ persistence setup? I used mysql with beta 5 because it’s what I know. Is Influx the best long term solution? I don’t know if I’ll use Grafana but I want to be set up in case I want to later. I plan to do a fresh install of the release version of OH2 and want to have the most flexibility going forward.

Are there reasons to use one particular setup over another? I see references to restoreOnStatup, if I want to implement that are there restrictions on which solution I use? (My use case is Insteon, Russound, Venstar, security and AV control to start with, most should be done in the coming months.)

Thanks in advance for any input, I do appreciate it!



I recommend using at least MapDB for restoreOnStartup of everything and one other persistence engine for everything else. The link above actually uses three, MapDB for restoreOnStartup, rrd4j for recent numerical data, and InfluxDB for longer term historical data and charting.

Currently I only use MapDB and InfluxDB as I’ve simplified my rules to the point where they no longer need access to historic data.

If you have any plans on anything more than just very basic charting I would recommend going with InfluxDB and Grafana.

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Rich, thank you for the advice! I’ll read the article, that sounds like just what I was looking for.