Best Raspberry pi 4 alternatives for Openhab 3/4

Hi Guys,

Due to the current Pi4 Shortage, does anyone have a suitable alternative to run openhab 3 on?

I am looking at the Orange Pi 5, will this be suitable and what would the differences be in terms of installation and operation. I am very familiar with Openhabian on Raspberry Pi’s but have never attempted any other board.

I am based in South Africa so i would need to import an alternative board and want to make sure im not wasting my time or money.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you can get hold of an Odroid C4 there?
Works well too. :slight_smile:

Read in an interview with E.Upton that the Raspberry Foundation has placed a huge order and expects availability and price level to drop back to normal by autumn latest.
Eventually to simply wait is an option ?

It was talked about recently.

If you’re most comfortable with openHABian and aren’t in a rush, I’d agree with Markus on waiting.

If you need only platform for OH, you can try mini PC like this XCY Fanless Mini PC Intel Celeron J1900 Quad Cores 2,0 GHz 2x RS232 2x LAN Windows 10 Linux Embedded ioT Industrie Computer|Mini-PC| - AliExpress

The price is not too high and you can use even normal Windows as OS.

Odroid n2+ working great here. I would chose this over the C4 because it’s used by Home Assistant as their “blue” marketed hardware. It also has the most powerful cpu in the Arm boards spite it now having been released for a long time, and has good mature support in Linux kernels because of this.

It also has a hardware switch that allows you to flick between booting from the emmc and a usd card, so you can have a backup loaded that can be changed to with the flick of a switch for when your not around by a family member.


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