Best solution for wall mounted screen

Dear Everyone!

I have been reading through these topics for a long time, but I can’t decide, which will be the best for me.
What I want to achieve is:

  • Have a screen mounted on the wall to control openHab through HabPanel (touchsreen)
  • I can control the screen and the system behind the screen through openHab (turn off screen, put to sleep, wake, dim screen, etc…)
  • Auto-launch of browser in kiosk mode
  • The system configuration requires nothing or minimal time.

What came to my mind:

  • iPad -> great, stable software, hard or even can’t control through openHab
  • Android tablet -> which? This seems one of the best option…
  • Now I saw someone used a touchscreen monitor with an Intel Compute Stick. This is another great option, easy setup, bigger screen… But can I control somehow Windows fully? Not just sending sleep and shutdown commands, but dimming the screen to a specific value, etc…
  • Or use Ubuntu or any other Linux distro with an Intel Compute Stick (or something similar to this)? Does anyone has experience with that? How does Linux handle touchscreen, what is the best browser for it (which has a Google Chrome like kioks mode, which can be easily set-up)


As far as I remember all your questions are already answered:

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