[Bounty] Custom Widget for OWM

Bounty posted on: https://www.bountysource.com/issues/66610911-bounty-custom-widget-for-owm

Since I am too lazy to create it myself, I had the idea to “outsource” its development…
I will post a small ($50) Bounty on https://www.bountysource.com/ (see here more on Bounties: Introducing BountySource for funded development)

Scope: To create a custom widget with navigation to be used with the latest Announcing OpenWeatherMap binding for Eclipse SmartHome / openHAB
(if technically possible on Angular.js with bootstrap components)

Widget Source code will be uploaded on github and made available to all as open source.

Develop a custom widget under openHAB2’s HABPanel in AngularJS to display Weather Forecast info already collected in OH2 Items.

A rough layout is attached

Some examples here:
a) Template widget - tutorial & examples - make your own widget!
b) Weather Underground widget with forecast
c) http://demo.openhab.org:8080/habpanel/index.html#/view/weather-astro


If I understand this correct, on press today or T+X you want to get 3x Detailed Weather information for this day, for example Morning, Mid Day, Evening?

yeap :slight_smile:
by default, the widget should load with “Today” navigation and content from the status of Current Items being displayed in the bottom area.
when you click T+1 the bottom area should refresh to show the state of the forecast Items (maybe Today and 3 days of forecast… maybe T+6 is too much…originally I thought to cover the entire week)

I don’t know if it is technically possible to have this navigation + refresh in a Widget Template (@ysc : opinion needed :slight_smile: )

I haven’t decided yet what should be displayed in the bottom area… Morning/Mid/Evening sounds good!

I am thinking something more in the lines of:
First (left) box: General (Condition + Cloudiness + Time Stamp + Station ID)
Second (mid) box: Atmospheric (Min/Max Temp + Humidity + Pressure + Rain/Snow volumes)
Third (right) box: Wind (Speed + Direction + Gust)

with some cool graphics/icons for each box (and next to each Item with the Item value as text)

If it is build and we have the source code, we can do whatever afterwards :slight_smile:

The layout and (especially) the navigation is the hard part

Bounty on https://www.bountysource.com/issues/66610911-bounty-custom-widget-for-owm has been increased to $100

There was a contribution from another supporter also :+1:

As OH2.4 keeps rolling, i expect more OWM users converting from WU. I just did :slight_smile:

What info do you want? Temp, humidity, pressure, condition?

Also what kind of a theme?

Here’s my widget updated to OWM: OpenWeatherMap widget for HABPanel

I will make a go on the bounty.


is it possible to quickly add all the items for owm? If we try to do a week forcast, there are 100+ items