Broadcast Notification do not work

Hi @digitaldan Dan Cunningham,

I am struggeling with push notifications which are not transmitted any longer, suddenly.
I checked a lot an got in the german exchange the recomandation getting in touch with Dan.

Another user suggested getting in touch with you, maybe it’s a server issue?
Many many thanks for your help, really appreciated!

Its best to ask questions in the general forum so others can help debug Sorry for some reason i thought this was a PM! I don’t have any other reports right now of notification issues, and we have 20k+ systems and 100k+ mobile devices actively using the service right now.

Its also helpful if you give a whole lot more information about the problem, what exactly you are observing, the version of your OH and any logs, what type of mobile devices you have, steps you have taken to resolve, etc…

With that info and the username you use to log into the cloud service, i can check and see if we have anything on the server to report.

I have same problem, last notification came on wednesday and now I can only receive test notification through
All my notifications are registred in but not received to my phone anymore.

openHAB 4.1.2 (Docker)
iPhone 11 / iOS 17.4.1
openHAB App 2.4.56

I am having the same issue. Not certain when they stopped.
Same symptoms and testing as

Notifications go to myopenhab.
Test notifications work from myopenhab.
They are visible in “system | notifications” in the app but do not show as iOS notifications.

openHAB 4.1.2 RasPi
iPhone 14 Pro
iOS 17.4 and 17.4.1
openHAB App 2.4.56

Sorry, you are right, the info I provided is miserable!

So Im am adding theese here:

openHAB 4.1.1 on Raspberry Pi 4
iPhone 12 with iOS 17.4.1
App-Version, don’t know, downloaded recently

iPhone is registered on and both is working, sending messages trough the webpage and the logs states that notifications should have been sent (can you say it like this?). In the end, no messages arrive at my phone. Worked fine initially.

Maybe it’s not an user-error?
Thanks in advance!

Same issues
Same devices

My notifications started working again last evening! I did not change anything.

Hi, see Openhab cloud, push notifications not working - #64 by digitaldan